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  1. I like listening to the Japanese news. I don't understand most of it, but it always feels like good practice (whether it actually is or not!)
  2. You really like chess? It always made me fall asleep.
  3. Shit I got me an xbox but PAYING for the games I played. I didn't know I could rob 'em!
  4. Just wondering. I suppose the urge is to get new gear every year, just a question of economics...
  5. It's not too much of a trek for me to get to Zao so I'll be going.
  6. i'm busy at work so i couldn't be enjoying it too much now anyway. the lull in work will appear just in time for next month.
  7. The first time will probably be December. Christ! That's next month! Can you believe it is nearly DECEMBER???!!?
  8. ski ski jr ski ski. my japanese friend told me that had meaning, god knows what...
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