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  1. Napoleon Dynomite. cult classic up-and comer I am sure. Laughed my a** off
  2. mmmm...sounds yummy. And only 7 months to wait untill I can try some! Will report back.
  3. hey moloney, what style do you subscribe to? board/skis/tricks/jumps/mogels/colour runs? If you park up in queenstown you can ride pretty much any style from a host of hills. End of august beginning of sept has historically been best snow time. If you head there around the end of June you can also catch the winter fest....the biggest week and a half long party (2 weekends). It kicks off the ski season. Have fun!
  4. chicks who speak with a "baby-ish" voice to try and be cute in order to say something inappropriate with out copping backlash. it's just not right....the hackles come up immediately. that, and people leaving empty boxes containers in the fridge/cupboard...so you think there's still some of whatever left only to find...Nup!
  5. I suddenly feel as tho I've not lived! Krispy Kreams....sounds like something out of sponge bob. Are they the same thing as Dunkin Donuts? or canuck version Tim Horton?
  6. 1)compete(and finish) in my first mountain running comp before my trip to japan in july. 2)finish writing book arrrgh! 3)buy new surfboard & do alot more riding
  7. I recently bought the new Kasabian Cd... not as good as the 1st but pretty damn good nun the less. Also hear the new Incubus Album- Brilliant. Pretty thrash but good for the ride home after a long day. James Morrison - bluesy/folky pretty mainstream but unexpectedly good album. Anybody have anything random that's a must hear??
  8. so where you making tracks this season eskimoski? *evil chuckle* Kidding... I've never spotted anyone locking their gear here in NZ....crazy. But I'm sure stuff gets pinched all the time!
  9. Powderoo, those are some pristine pic mon amie! at this time of year here in NZ it's just about at good as the real thing. ok...maybe that's overstating it abit but(for lack of being rudely descriptive)that's lush... for sure keep'em coming....
  10. awh...i was tiptoe'ing and everything! Upto? unfortunately not a hell of alot of boarding! NZ's season here was very average. But i did try out Mt cheeseman last season - is mr & mrs Cheeseman still on here? but i am in jland for a wedding in july so thought i'd see what's up? looks as tho db's not givin up his fav off snow sport..
  11. Very entertaining. I'd nearly forgotten! Perhaps it's the lack of the bonk bonk or the excitement of a stick up one's arse that's just too much for some. With a name like ys you'd think he'd know when someone is taking the piss. On topic- "Helmets are good" - they make you feel invincible. I'm wearing one right now. :-)
  12. I've been to a few places where u can touch the snow with your skis/board while on the lifts... kinda fig'd jland would be the same. so then DB...did you try and land in a chair....? and if not...why not?
  13. yikes....wot a smozel that was to read! Got to agree with bag o crisps... Would ha thought there'd been a few more protesters out there! With all the mental energy that's gone into this thread.....you'd think somebody would have come up with a good reason for not skiing under the lifts. Sorry, but potentially getting too much air and landing in a chair is far too funny (and totally improbable) to be a reason. Every other reason can be countered by saying that skiing anywhere within a course is equally as dangerous as you have WAY more obstacles to avoid just riding do
  14. Well, purely to test the market and take the piss .....I've enlisted the assistance of a close friend who is a photographer and we are currently working on the - step by step guide to showering in under 5mins. If anyone has any ideas they'd like to offer please feel free... I'll report back on progress.....
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