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  1. Do you reckon Michael Flatley will make the team for the added intimidation!! What about the other nations, France, Italy, SA, Australia etc? Wonder what they'll do.....
  2. How do you get the ETC card? Also, does it apply if you pay at the gate? Is it 1000JPY also?
  3. I think it is ok!! If you are good enough you will beat them. I think in today's modern world we are trying too much to get rid of old traditions. I think the Irish team should do a jig before our games!!
  4. Man those pics are class!! Seems like there is a good base forming. I assume around 22nd Nov there should be enough!! I have long weekend & planning trip to Niseko. When is opening planned?
  5. What about around 22, 23rd 24th November? I have a 3 day weekend, and am think of Niseko!!
  6. Snowdude, opinions are always welcome. So what is the consensus on the topic, should we eat less meat or more kangaroo??
  7. If you look up on the web there is some scientists that are predicting a cooling period similar to the one 400 years ago. Apparently, the sunspot activity is at its lowest since that time (dunno how they know) but this correlates to temperature decreases on Earth. Some people say it will happen, some not! Who knows. One positive is that the north pole didn't break last years minimum cover record. Gives the poor auld polar bears a chance, so this is good. Lets hope it is cooling. I believe global warming is happening, but then in the 1970's I would have believed that global cooling was hap
  8. Thanks for the information! I like the auld spring skiing. So I think from that point it is ok! As long as there is snow I will be happy! Now to looking at flights and costs. Thanks for the tips.
  9. I was wondering if any of the many members on SJ have experienced Whistler at the end of April? One of the lads I am working with asked me on Friday if I would be interested in going for a week (just before the golden week hols) and I said I would. Has anyone ever skiied that late in Whistler? If so what should I expect? Any tips or hints would be appreciated! PS weather in Hakuba was perfect today! What a great day.
  10. The question I have is why women are outliving men??? The poor guys work all their lives (albeit not hard work if my company is to go by) and then die! Life sucks eh!
  11. I saw the Upside of Anger last night. It was ok, some funny bits in it. Although, it did make me question how Kevin Costner fell off the scence so ungracefully after Dances with Wolves & The Bodyguard?!
  12. I think GN's point is a generalisation and there is always exceptions. Generally I think he is right, but of course there are people who are not like this! Also, my experience is what Japanese people say to us gaijins is much different to what they say to native Japanese. Therefore, I would look to see how people behave in Japanese surroundings before judging if they are expressive of their feelings/opinions or not!!
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