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  1. Thanks. I have been looking at some and frankly lost. The Wing Race Graphics one (Uvex) looks good and seems to be good - but whether that means good for me i don't really know. Must research more. Any good model recommendations for someone like me - decent skier but nothing too dangerous.
  2. This may be a daft question but can someone tell me what the difference is between a 'helmet' and a 'ski racing helmet', other than the latter looking cooler? If I'm not a racer, should I be getting the normal one. Forgive the question. Thanks
  3. A World Without Bees "If climate change doesn't get you, the disappearance of the honeybee will" Couldn't put it down, read it over two days.
  4. Yeah I thought the same, if they had sorted the end part out it would have been a really good flick. Nothing beats Alien / Aliens in that kind of movie. (Let's forget a bit about Alien 3 and a lot about Alien 4)
  5. Great pics folks. I really want to visit that area of China with those interesting hills (?) formations in the river valley. That is such a poor explanation Whats that area called?
  6. Shaun is a big hit with the kids where I work.
  7. Pon farr is a condition that induces the desire to mate in an adult Vulcan. Although Vulcans live strictly by the dictates of logic, their veneer of civilization is ripped away from them during pon farr, every seven years (for males; an undisclosed interval for females) of their adult life. Once triggered, Vulcans must have sexual contact with someone, preferably their mate, or else face insanity and death. Vulcans are, however, also capable of engaging in sexual relations at any time they wish; it is only during pon farr that they must mate (or die). So now you know.
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