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  1. The documentaries are great - I have the DVD version that was released a few years back. Well worth ploughing through it all and I believe this has even more.
  2. Great to be able to search the accommodations listings too, much better than just a list. Congratulations!
  3. I am thinking of renting a car for a couple of weeks perhaps this winter to go on a trip. Just read an article about issues revolving around car rental: The excess rip-off The full/empty con The top-up trick The mystery scratch scam I've actually never rented a car out before, anyone with any stories worth sharing or is it generally a smooth and hassle free process?
  4. So when are the winter beers coming out? October perhaps? The snow tyre ads are out so it can't be that long.
  5. Quote: never been given an opportunity in life Why not go out and try to make one.
  6. I know people who have been brought up in some very unfortunate circumstances but have got their act together, made real positive efforts and fought against those circumstances and become successful and happy people. (Just to be clear, young adults, not young kids). Some people use circumstances as an excuse.
  7. Does that mean you are going to get one soon thurs?
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