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  1. I wouldn't mind. Mrs Biggins likes Dido and I've got to admit I quite like her albums, especially the first one.
  2. "Newcastle defender Titus Bramble has his kit sponsored by 'Mr Long, Your Local Grocer'. (Daily Mirror)" Can it be true?
  3. Thanks sava, I read most of it over a period of a few days, yes. I was looking for the answer to Jeannies post Nice to meet you too!
  4. Thanks. Nothing fixed up yet but those are the 2 most likely it seems. More research needed
  5. I was just looking at that photo gallery on here with all the mad snow you got this time last year. That sure was one heck of a dump!
  6. Hi folks, good to see such an active Japan community going on. I'm hoping to join you soon Anyways I have been reading this forum and the site for a while now and learnt a heck of a lot. Seems to me Japan is a really excellent place for skiing and snowboarding. And so to my question. I get the impression that the resorts in Nagano and Niigata are all much closer to each other than the ones to the north (thanks for that new map section!) Seems that living somewhere in the Nagano/Gunma/Niigata area might give you much more opportunity than living in Yamagata/Aomori/Iwate.
  7. Very far away from Japan. In sunny England. Portsmouth actually.
  8. You know how long it took me to get through this mammoth thread. I'm not sure if Jeannie got her answer... Nice to meet you all
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