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  1. Rock the casbah is a true classic in any form. a great track The sound on this video is really bad, but enjoy the video. i love it And finally a nice mix of some classic 80's tunes with a twist
  2. Sorry if these videos are already posted, but truly greats. please take some time to watch
  3. Thunderpants

    Oakley lenses

    Oh, that's way over my budget.im wondering if i can get some decent stuff for half that price.
  4. Thunderpants

    Oakley lenses

    My local shop tanegashima don't have any sports shops. I use to live in Kakegawa, that is why i asked. Cheers
  5. Thunderpants

    Oakley lenses

    Typical... Thanks for replying. A good advice on a cheap pair of goggles? Where in Shizuoka do you live?
  6. Hi all, Im dusting off my gear after 3 years of hibernation. My Oakley goggle lens is broken and i can't find any model name or number anywhere on the frame. How do i order the right lens? Thanks
  7. If you ever have problems like that Unlocker is your friend http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/
  8. Thunderpants

    Tanegashima photo TR

    Tsonda, Great pics ! thanks for putting them up
  9. Tsonda is Back online!Hi thete. Thank you too for a very nice time. i will name a drink after you your food is going on the menu as soon as i can get myself together to print a new menu. Yesterday we had to turn guests down at the door. we had the place filled up. Life is good here. KEEP SURFING Tsonda
  10. Thunderpants

    itunes headache

    i have to agree with FT, itunes is some of the worst piece of code written since real player. i hated that program. there are alternatives though anapod can help you, it is not perfect but it is not itunes.
  11. Thunderpants


    Originally Posted By: tsondaboy I could use some help with surfing terminology. Don't worry about that Tsonda, just stay low and paddle hard. see ya in 2 weeks time!
  12. Thunderpants


    All the best to you and Junko. when i had i difficult time a few years ago my wife gave me this book. it helped me a lot, and it was really interesting to read too.


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