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  1. Rock the casbah is a true classic in any form. a great track The sound on this video is really bad, but enjoy the video. i love it And finally a nice mix of some classic 80's tunes with a twist
  2. Sorry if these videos are already posted, but truly greats. please take some time to watch
  3. Oh, that's way over my budget.im wondering if i can get some decent stuff for half that price.
  4. My local shop tanegashima don't have any sports shops. I use to live in Kakegawa, that is why i asked. Cheers
  5. Typical... Thanks for replying. A good advice on a cheap pair of goggles? Where in Shizuoka do you live?
  6. Hi all, Im dusting off my gear after 3 years of hibernation. My Oakley goggle lens is broken and i can't find any model name or number anywhere on the frame. How do i order the right lens? Thanks
  7. If you ever have problems like that Unlocker is your friend http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/
  8. Tsonda, Great pics ! thanks for putting them up
  9. Tsonda is Back online!Hi thete. Thank you too for a very nice time. i will name a drink after you your food is going on the menu as soon as i can get myself together to print a new menu. Yesterday we had to turn guests down at the door. we had the place filled up. Life is good here. KEEP SURFING Tsonda
  10. i have to agree with FT, itunes is some of the worst piece of code written since real player. i hated that program. there are alternatives though anapod can help you, it is not perfect but it is not itunes.
  11. Originally Posted By: tsondaboy I could use some help with surfing terminology. Don't worry about that Tsonda, just stay low and paddle hard. see ya in 2 weeks time!
  12. All the best to you and Junko. when i had i difficult time a few years ago my wife gave me this book. it helped me a lot, and it was really interesting to read too.
  13. you'd be surprised what people are willing to wear, even if they do understand what message they have written on their shirts. Personally i have seen many young girls wearing clothes from this company http:// www. pornstarclothing. com/ (remove spaces, no free linky from me!) edit: bad english
  14. Sounds like they could use some English classes. reminds me of this commercial WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE
  15. iwate is close to soub-land? hope everything is ok !
  16. J-bomb is on the menu already but one can og red bull here is 275 yen!! i also serve Surfer On Acid 15 ml jagermeister 15 ml Malibu 15 MB pineapple juice a nice shot for the girls, not too strong and it smells like surf wax This town has too many shochu serving places here, of course i have a few brands, but it is not really where i want to go. most of my guests come for some thing different than the regular izakaya experience, they want shaken cocktails with umbrella when they come to my place, they want to get some international flavor. i am going to get as much exotic
  17. Carlsberg is a good beer, nothing special but it has a good aftertaste and is easy to drink a lot of. What makes it special to me is that Carlsberg is from my home country, for that reason alone i can sell many of them. i don't care too much for Asahi but i got the beer server for free from the local beer pusher in return for buying nama from him. i can get cheaper beer in the next town but since this is a small place i have to stay on good terms with beer-pusher Hamazaki-san. that is the way to do things in a small town (so i was told) Asahi sells well but profit on nama is shit, i
  18. Carlsberg, Beck's and Asahi nama Suntory just stopped importing the other major danish brand Tuborg, so that one is out now, hate that i made a nice cocktail today, 30 ml Schoshu 30 ml Passoa (passion fruit liqueur) fill Collins glass with soda or even better use Tonic!
  19. Soubs, i show live F1 at my place, and give free beer away when McLaren takes it (sorry SJ for the advertising) i would love to see you here live and in person
  20. Ezorisu, i have my garden full of mint thanks but my landlord just sprayed roundup all over, so it is suffering a bit, but it is slowly recovering Stemik, long island ice tea is taken to a new level at my bar, i have 600ml high glasses to serve a mega long island ice tea. Absinthe is another interesting drink, here is a fun way to serve it: pour 30 ml 7up into a whiskey glass with 3-4 ice cubes pour 30 ml of absinthe into a shot glass, set it on fire and let it burn for 5-8 sec. pour the burning absinthe into the whiskey glass and put the shot glass up side down on the table.
  21. Tsonda (what's with the avatar??) Toppy from kagoshima is 5200 round trip takes 1.5 hr there is also a sloow (3.5 hr) ferry but i don't know the price. Rainy Season ends a little earlier here, som mid july might be ok, but you know that the weather is a tricky one to predict. I hear August is very hot, but that is the same all over japan. The Toppy ferry also sails to yakushima and we have another ferry down here too, it leaves from Shimama i think it is very cheap, i'll ask my friend tonight how much it cost. Yakushima is high on my list of places i want to go to, make sure you bring
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