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  1. I'm not sure how long it would take BagOfCrisps, but I would think the best and quickest would be to get back on the Tohoku Expressway and zoom up from there. Perhaps within 2 hours?
  2. If that were my choice I would go with Akita. Lovely area it is. I'm not that far off both regions.
  3. Just had a big earthquake - somewhere not too far away I'd reckon. By far the strongest I've felt, and I hope I never do again! Kowai!
  4. When I first came to Japan I was in Morioka, now I am in the Iwate countryside.
  5. This last season there was a noticable increase in the number of people from Hong Kong in this area as well. Welcome
  6. I first went skiing when I was 10 with family back in the US. The next time was when I was 18 with some buddies. Had about 9 active seasons now.
  7. Hi all I'm in Iwate, about 25-30 minutes drive from Shizukuishi. Good place!
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