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  1. Can someone please give me some recommendations for accomdation for a family of 4 (2 Adult and 2 children). Budget Yen 20,000 per night with ensuite bathroom. I have look through various website, most hotel/lodge/apartments quote me double of that for Dec 08.
  2. Hi thursday, budget within yen 20,000 for family of 3. Clean and convenient. Facilities not important. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Thursday. Decided to take the advice of just staying at Niseko since Snowhunter says there are many activities for kids too at Niseko. Thanks Snowhunter. Anyone has any recommendation for accomodation - should stay in the village right?
  4. Hi all, I have taken the train from Tokyo (Ueno) to Sapporo two years ago in summer. Two transfers - one at Hachinohe and Hakodate. But, yes it take 9 hours and a whole day gone. However, we all enjoy the ride. Probably to save a day, we will fly back on return. Thanks, will consider going to Kutchan direct instead of to Sapporo. But, may have to go shopping in Sapporo to buy all the snow shoes, etc first..fist time in Hokkaido in winter..not sure whether what we bring is enough.. Thanks all. Any one can suggest value for money accomdation in Sapporo and Niseko? Budget below 20,000 yen pe
  5. Hi Thursday. I am taking train because I am taking train in from Tokyo to Sapporo. My sons are fans of shinkansen.. so they totally do not mind the 9 hours trip on trains for the last trip. We will be buying the 7 days JR pass, arriving Sapporo or stop over at Hakodate first. Then, the next day travel to Kutchan by train. Yes, your right, the luggage and kids are the worrying part. The last trip was summer, so luggage were lighter but this round..will be difficult. Do the bus has storage space for luggage? I was also thinking of a little greedy of going to both Rusutu and Niseko. Niseko
  6. Yes, I am travelling on JR on our own. Just posted another questions just now on whether Rusutu Resort is better or Hirafu is better? Advise? Travelling with two young kids, afraid of nothing much to play in Niseko except for snow fight. But the view at Niseko is really great, so I am so wanted to go both but may not have enough time...
  7. Hi, can anyone advise me which resort will have more snow in early Dec? A bit worried when i saw Rusutu resort wedsite that activities like snow mobile are only open in Mid to end Dec. We are not serious skiers because travelling with two young kids. Which one should we go?
  8. Thanks Which resort is good in Niseko for children. From web-site, some are not even opened in the first week of Dec. I will be travelling on JR pass, I should stop at Sapporo or there is a station at Niseko?
  9. Bring my children to Hokaido on 1st week of Dec? Anyone can tell me whether there will be enough snow that they can learn to ski a little and play with snow? So many resort in Hokkaido...Which resort in Hokkaido will be easier to access and great for kids to play. Should we stay up at the resort or stay in the town?
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