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I checked out next year's Burton catalogue :p

Next year's Malolo looks really cool thumbsup.gif

The 158 is black thumbsup.gif but the 162 is red confused.gif it still looks really good.

the fish looks like this year's but the colours are red and black.

There's all sorts of new bindings and a new boot.

The custom & custom x graphics are cool.

Uninc is .... hmmm, totally different to this year

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i saw some forigners getting lectured on Goryu on sunday. The patrol pulled me over wanting a translator, but they sorted it out.


Something about some guys not following the rules.


but i`m sure it had nothing to do with you guys, i`m sure you wouldn`t waste time on the base of Goryu after a dump like that.

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the patrol randomly pulled over a foreigner wearing all that clothing and new you could speak Japanese and translate? kinda odd confused.gif


BP, sounds nice mate! You and BPG have a good day then? Was the human cartwheel out? He mighta been in the park. Sat I had the trees all to myself in Otari and had the driest snow in the valley. Sunday was just as nice too. Wish ya coulda been up this time \:\(

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yeah, woulda been good to have got up there, but we had entrance exam crap going on Fri/Sat...


We had an awesome day up there. The one nice run was closed cos off the lack of snow up till Friday, but there was more than enough on it, so the two of us ducked under and headed into some nice untouched powder in there for a number of runs happyglass.gif Didn't see the cartwheel in the park at all mate. Did a number of runs through there too, and got BPG going on the smaller jump thumbsup.gif

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