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  1. I just did a two day trip to Teine and overnighted in Sapporo. I had a car so my board was always in the car. I've seen boardracks at hotels in Asahikawa but didn't see any in Sapporo. Maybe give the hotel you are thinking of staying at an email explaining what you want to do and see what they come up with? The staff where we stayed were super helpful and didn't seem to be run off their feet, I'm sure they would have come up with something.
  2. In mid January I stayed at the Chisun Grand hotel in Sapporo, it was 7.5k for a triple room with a massive by any countries standard bathroom that had a spa bath! Cant recommend it highly enough. We didn't have any reservations, we just rocked up.
  3. I think Rhythm have Lib Tech also Pete. Might be worth giving them a call.
  4. Niseko burton dealers- Boom (kutchan) Fusion (hirafu) Rhythm (hirafu) Rhythm has the biggest range I reckon.
  5. Originally Posted By: Mick Rich Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver is this normal for furano then? I thought that it being in Hokkaido, albeit inland, it would get almost the same snow as Niseko. Furano doesn't get as much snow as Niseko but the locals say that it's drier, being further inland, etc, etc. At the moment though, more of anything would be good! Nice review Ippy and welcome to Furano That's true. If you study the JMA's precipitation radar when it snows and correlate that with the ski resorts locations on google maps you can see a pretty predictable pattern de
  6. Originally Posted By: Mick Rich We'll have to hook up one morning Kokodoko! How long you in town for? A word of warning to those in Furano or on their way here - ski patrol were out in force today! I had my first run-in of the season with a particularly aggressive guy I had the misfortune to meet on the way into a tree run. When he threatened to take my season pass, international relations became somewhat strained! I was let off with a "next time" warning but not before he'd taken a note of my name. I than ran into a couple who'd had a similar experience with another guy, who said he'd
  7. Originally Posted By: Slippery Jim And the sasa that was poking out in places this week must be on steroids, never saw it grow 5 meters tall before! Do you think that 5m of snowfall = 5m of base?
  8. I doubt they would really be able to keep that patch to themselves anyway....it is Strawberry Fields after all! I reckon shortly after I came through a hooting and hollering pack of pow pigs would have ended the shoot quick smart. Idiots thinking they can film in Strawberries and have it all to themselves.
  9. I don't know who it was but I think they had Swedish or norwegian accents. Damn vikings pillaging my pow!
  10. I was doing laps today through Strawberry fields at Hanazono , I traversed right along the ridge to my usual stomping ground and came across a group of guys right at the entrance to a lush field of untracked pow when on yells at me "stop, stop you have to go back we are filming a movie here", I tell him that this is everyones snow but they wouldn't let up, they actually wanted me to double back on my own track because "we are saving this powder for the movie!" I was a little peeved and but dropped in and hooked skiers left and left them to themselves. What do you think? Within the resort
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