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  1. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Pogo Shaman length 193cm Width 23.4cm Side curve radius 13m Nose Rocker 43cm Rider weight 65~95kg 1069 Euro Expensive board. Would I ride it? Shit yeah! Check it out! 13m radius and narrow width. This thing will carve. Jynxx they've one used twice for 800€
  2. well, try to contact Martin Sammet of pogo and book a test for the next year:D You can test for a weekend for fee (you have to pay only the shipping cost for return the board) of with 100€ you can test the board for a week!
  3. no, i've ride the L80, is a longoboard type. In powder is a beast but is more allaround board. Of this model they do l70, 170cm, 24.8 waist, 7.5mt radius People that i know have bought a pogo are very satisfied, they have buy the board 10years ago and during this time they've change all their edges and the top of the board.
  4. i've ride the l80 longboard (in europe you can write to their email and then they send you the board you want to test). 180cm, quite narrow, these board have frontback (you must drive pushing on your frontfoot for accellerate and on your backfoot for brake). Really amazing board, lighter, responsive, and they offer you a free lifetime repair service (top, back and edges). You can check the DUPRAZ d1, is wider that pogo boards, but same concept, frontback, longboard and now you can buy at their online shop for 540euro!
  5. nice pic! [OT] what board is the grey one on the right? [/OT]
  6. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Here is were the side curve comes into play. Long sidecurve radius will give you a better grip on ice. Narrower waist under 25cm is easier for Lightweights. So longer and narrower boards where I can put the weight on the front without digging in and still the tail sinks, not having to be on the back leg all the time. HA! I think I´ve just convinced myself to buy a long swallowtail. I reckon if the nose floats out, it will be easier to swing it. And imagine being able to go thru flat section - would it? I really wish that the snowboard manufactures des
  7. you think will be good for deep powder? Next year she come with us to niseko for a month and the perfect board is an obligation:D For BC she has a splitboard, so we're looking for a specific powder board
  8. She normally ride a 149, she's a great controll of the board, she like woods and open bowls, for this reason i'm asking if something long will be great (another option is a volkl selecta 158).
  9. Originally Posted By: ippy see this! this is the reason i will never be jeremy jones. Never ever. What a lot of work this backcountry stuff is Good job dude, but if i saw any avi activity within a million miles of me, im going home i dont care if its on a completely different face or if its got a stack of rocks surrounding it causing heat to build up meaning completely differnet features... "screw you guys, im going n'yurm!" Still looks fun though! good job! that weekend was quite shure, they've make some controlled avalanche and there not too much avi risk (in evey case i've with
  10. Thank's mulkabochi:D There was a spring snow and some hundred of people hike the mountain, the great think is hiking and climbing, nothing special the descend. But in winter the terrain is really steep, many drop and open space. In niseko... well the snow i've find in niseko i've not found in any other place on the earth... and for that reason the next winter i'll be again in niseko!!! The next goal is "Capanna Margherita", on the same place but at 4550 mt! I think in the next week i'll able to post this new report:D
  11. Hi, with this post i would like to share my splitboard-hike of 10-04-2011 to the beautifoul Monterosa - Alagna - Piemonte (Italy). Our goal was "Colle del Lys (4200mt)" but we've time trouble at the start of the day and we've arrived a bit under, at "Colle Vincent (4050mt)". We've start from alagna, take three gondola-funifor until "Indren Glacier". Beautifoul weather, no clouds!!! Me and my girlfriend have dress our splitboard and other 4 friends their skis. Let's start!!! This photo is of "Grifetti groove", many people in climbig! the final piece is very steep (40 and 45°)
  12. Great choice pete! I've a question: for a girl, 168cm x 48kg it's indicate a fish 156 or she can handle a 150(2010 s-rocker fish 150cm)? She's looking only for a powder board. Thank's!
  13. http://out-of.it/int/home.html best goggle i've had in my life.
  14. Originally Posted By: Jynxx Warmed up again. Not sure about this weekend´s snow forecast. Still I reckon there will be a couple of good days on my side of the Alps this month. Italy had 50cm couple of weeks ago. Not sure it they had a top up after that. My in-laws are heading that way next week. Dolomites in defo on the radar. Things happen ... still time till Easter. is snowing now in Piemonte, On saturday Alagna FreerideParadise will be a really cool place!
  15. hi tex, this year really poor powder in italy, but in swiss the situation is good (my mountain house in near swiss border). I've mentionet x1 beacuse i've test two days in niseko deep powder, the convex is like TBT but only on the nose, + the board has a powder rocker, lighter and superfastboard. I'm fall in love with that shape. I've not try the other board and i'm asking some opinion for this reason. I would like to buy a specific powder board for get the max enjoy in powder day with no compromise:D
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