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  1. Originally Posted By: ger The SJ crew didn't really make it up but I did bump into AK77 and EBC! I had always liked EBC's enthusiasm on the forum. She was a little more mellow in person though. I don't think she said "YEAH BABY!!!" even once. ha ha YEEEEEEOW BABY!
  2. Originally Posted By: dizzy page 3?! The sky is falling Anyway, good to see so many familiar faces this weekend. Jer and I ran into AK, EBC, and Kuma on panorama Saturday. I was using my Bibs for the first time at resort. Stoked. At the restaurant, I did my Farmer Dizzy walk holding my suspenders. Reminded me of the Funny Walking Contest we had out of the packed Kokusai Restaurant early last season. I am so gonna win the next one. farmer dizzy! that was really funny!
  3. Originally Posted By: TJ OZ got some good freshies. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!
  4. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy lets 混浴!! yo, what? translation please. ha ha.
  5. ewok! it's the jetlag! i woke up super early, and walked over to the matsukawa river and stayed there for a couple of hours, was beautiful there this morning. when u up in hakuba next? looking forward to seeing ya!!!
  6. Originally Posted By: Oyuki kigan i wanna buy as little as i can. This is ridiculous, stressing out trying to find stuff for people who really don't need anything other than the knowledge that you appreciate them. i might send something i made. nice oyuki
  7. nah no new snow & i've been out for the fresh stuff up top the last 2 days, my legs hurt now, so went for a walk early this morning over to the river to get the muscles contracting properly again & to take some photos.
  8. it's pretty happy in it's storage bag now after a long flight from europe i did however return to find that some of my shoes got attacked by mold while i was away, not good.
  9. Originally Posted By: thursday oh c'mon, this is more like it. urrghh dude that's pretty ugly. are you into go-carting or something?
  10. Originally Posted By: dizzy wow... unkai... nice! sorry about your trip dizz, looked amazing up there. the part about the dude winning a jacket in hotel tateyama is bizarre... not where you wanted to be i guess.
  11. oh that reminds me to take mine out of the compression bag, and into it's storage bag... still unpacking after flying in.
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