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  1. I swear by Seirus Da Bone gloves--they have removable (roller blade) wrist guards in them and have helped prevent broken wrist bones. I live in Tokyo can meet you. What size? I have American L, XL, and I think Medium.
  2. thx guys. was wondering why someone would go out in that kind of weather down here in hakuba on that day, happo gondola and tsugaike gondola shut due to wind.
  3. Heard rumors of a slide at niseko today... can anyone confirm?
  4. I got details about the event from Kumapix the other day It's gonna be a fun event and good opportunity for Noboarding to grow in Japan before your very eyes. I checked w/ SJ admin and they said it was OK to post, so here it is: If you don't read Japanese, it says the event is not about technique. You can demo/try out the shop's stock of Noboards. Registration is 5,000 yen which includes lift-access powder runs and a bbq at the end of the day. Where: Hida-Takayama Ski Resort, Gifu Prefecture When: Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009 Who: You! Entry open to anyone
  5. the cheapest bus is 11,500 round trip per person. the train, by the route stemik suggested, would be 12,410 one-way per person (unless you have a JR Rail Pass)
  6. just about any weekend morning when there's enough fresh to coat the piste!
  7. Late post, but during the last 10 days in Hakuba, Kuma and I decided on the 26th to bring out the Noboards several times. We had to hike for some of the lines: The hike's rewards were well worth the effort: It was a super fun day! First FULL day of NBing for both of us
  8. Originally Posted By: neversummer I couldn't help but smile and know that for every person who tries noboarding in decent powder will more than likely walk away with a similar feeling of immense satisfation. Awesome! Noboarding is sooo much fun. Niseko's a great place for it, too. What board did you convert to a NB?
  9. Originally Posted By: Kumapix Dizzy, prepare yourself to hit this drop nb-stylee when you come out to Toyama! the take off is by his head and you can see a bomb hole from the first guy Can't wait til Saturday when I can go riding again!!!! I'm so there. Imagine the tricks you could try on a NB off something like that--benihana, cowboy, superman how is the run-out, kuma?
  10. Congratulations to the winners! The day of Hughcohen's photo of me with 'kerazu' in the background was an excellent day of touring, shooting, and falling down the chutes.
  11. that would be the program NOMADS, kumapix and nonposter jer also make a split-second appearance when they are all hiking up Bryce Philips Kina Pickett Will Burke Billy Poole *R.I.P.* Photog Ian Coble they came and rode march 07 the last night partying was hilarious
  12. Hey Davo good to hear from you (hopefully) see you this season?
  13. they have their way given the context of your original post, 'where i come from in gaikoku'...what is that saying about rome? not meant as a bash at your, as perspective. who says they have to accomodate anyone? i told the office yesterday they should think about teaming up with the other resorts in the valley and making an all-valley pass or at least a multiple-valley pass and the first reaction i got was a repressed chuckle. after pressing them, i got anger: 絶対やらãªã„ã‚ˆï¼ (no way in hell, even if it freezes over) how's that for a translation, mr. wigg
  14. this was from Opening Day Saturday, November 22, 2008 Happo-One Kumapix's Noboard Line. Kuma was ahead of me and my non-posting friend on the lift, and Kuma must have been heading Mach Whiplash b/c the size of the turns are HUGE. Noboarding STILL LIVES IN THE JP!
  15. Opening Day was sick after a morning fiasco, as usual, he went back while i was in line. but it worked out in the end. boots, money, good to go and just even time to spare to get on the gondola. we were second in line for the gondola, but when the gondola opened, the j-skiers in front of us went for the gondie in the BACK!! we snaked them and got the first gondola of the year. then the three of us, kumapix included got the first quad. the funniest thing was while i was strapping my back binding, the j-skiers overtook me and i thought Fark--but they went for the groomed sectio
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