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  1. Funny as **** !! Classics. I haven't seen them all, but they are quality.
  2. Plenty of snow it seems, just need the wind and clouds to disappear, it should be good by the time i get there this weekend.
  3. Good good, i'm currently in Hakuba, mmmmmm not so good. Looking forward to Niseko.
  4. Ive booked into Downtown lodge 27th March till 1st April, maybe staying longer, i'll see what the snow conditions are like.
  5. Thanks for the replies, i haven't had much time to think since i arrived in Tokyo, meeting a few friends that took me here there and everywhere, so no wristguards at the moment. Leave Tokyo today for Hakuba. I didn't get any in the UK because i've broken my hand since i left home, and broke it in Thailand on my way out here. As long as i don't fall over i should be ok !! Thanks for the offer Dizzy.
  6. I arrive in Tokyo tomorrow and will go to Hakuba to snowboard on Tuesday. I've recently broken my hand and need some protection, i know Flexmeter wristguards are very good and hope to buy some when i get to Tokyo. Does anybody know where i can buy some ?
  7. Sounds like you had a trip Matt. Good read. I'll finally get to Hakuba next week, hopefully i'll have some snow to play on !!
  8. A skier hit my girlfriend last year in Zell am See, Austria, knocked her for six, broke and dislocated her wrist, he turned looked at her and then disappeared !!
  9. I've left my board in Bangkok airport for the last 7 weeks, it's still there, i get my hotel to check for me, and it'll still be there for another 2 weeks. I wouldn't have a problem leaving it there. Luckily in a funny kind of way, they lost my snowboard bag in Singapore, found it, shipped it to Bangkok and are keeping it there free of charge for me, otherwise it would cost 50baht for every 24 hrs, which isn't too bad.
  10. Sorry to hear about your friend Mattaus. I was supposed to be in Hakuba 20th Jan, to snowboard for the season, i came over to Thailand for 2 weeks to see some friends and then travel to Tokyo 15th Jan. Well i'm still here in Thailand and will be for another week !! I was injured, head, leg injuries and broke my hand after getting away from 5 Thais who were originally going to rob me and then it turned a bit more serious. They never caught me, thank the Big Man up in the sky for that, but i hurt myself badly staying away from them. Surgry to repair broken bones in my hand
  11. Hello Paul, I'm in Koh Phangan at the moment, met up with some friends from back home, off to Samui Thursday for 2 days then back to Bangkok, hospital aapointment on the 8th and then again i think back to hospital to get my cast off around the 24th. I stay in a hotel down Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Bangkok, my mates travel up on the 9th/10th for a couple of nights out then they are off up North, i'll stay in Bangkok till 13th and then down to Samui or Koh Phangan again before hopefully my last trip to hospital. Planning on getting to Tokyo around the beginning of March. Maybe meet up for a be
  12. A cast for almost a year ?!! that would be too much. had my op, more damage in there than they first thought, fused the bones together and inserted a screw in there, i've got a half cast on, top of arm soft,under arm hard, so not really any good for snowboarding. got to see my doc in a week and then every 2 weeks until 6 weeks time when it should come off. decided to stay in thailand, for the duration, the warmth i'm sure will help my hand heal a bit quicker, and the cost of drinking and living in thailand will definitely be cheaper than if i was staying in resort in Japan. by the
  13. Hey Paul, sorry it's took so long to reply, i haven't been on here too much. I'm still in bangkok, and probably will be until 28th Jan maybe longer, if you're in bangkok let me know i've run out of drinking partners !! i'm going to Hakuba and staying at Tabi-Tabi Lodge, i think i am paying 60,000 yen a month. my season on the snow has taken a twist as i've broken my hand in thailand and i'm in for surgery on it later this evening. i was supposed to be in japan now but i've had to put my back my plans for 2 weeks, i'll find out more tomorrow, hopefully my op will go well. my doc
  14. cheers tubby beaver, the hospital i go to is simply amazing better than a 5 star hotel, my doc is harvard educated and all the nurses dress and look like air stewardesses, it's heaven !! i could've gone back to the uk if i wanted and had it done back there !! no chance !! i'm loving bangkok too. hopefully all goes well tomorrow and i don't need a cast on for 3 months, i'll bag myself some flexmeter wristguards and hope for the best. thanks again.
  15. well i'm supposed to be in japan now but i'm still in bangkok and probably will be for another 11 days. i was the victim of an attempted mugging in phi phi by 5 thai's, (1 a copper/security guard) managed to get away from them but hurt myself throwing myself over a wall !! my head - it's sorted now, my right knee - that's nearly getting there and a broken a bone in my right hand, i have surgery on my hand on monday, a couple of screws in there and stay in bangkok for treatment till nearly the end of the month. so my season snowboarding in japan has not started well, the doc says no
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