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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap/reliable means of shipping my snowboard and kit back to the UK from Japan? Japan Post will take it (my board is under 150cm) but won`t insure... Alternatively, I`d be interested to hear of any companies which offer insurance for shipped items. Thanks!
  2. After almost having a heart attack at the prices of everything, including boarding kit in Tokyo, I eventually settled on a 09 K2 Dutchess (display model) and 09 Burton Lexa bindings for 52000 YEN at Versus (one of the side streets on right if walking from Ogawamachi to Jimbocho subway). Seemed like an OK deal. London Sport (also near Ogawamchi subway) has some very cheap last season boards (around 17000 YEN). Can't remember what exactly but some Salamon, Ride, K2 and others. Generally looked to be lots of shorter boards, and a fair few girls boards. Lots of other cheap gear (binding
  3. Can anyone recommend me any snowboard shops in Beijing? Thought I might have a look before catching the boat to Japan. Or would I be better off (price/choice) waiting until I get to Hakuba? Thanks!
  4. Thanks stemik and dizzy. With regards to the direct sunshinetour bus, where can I find out more info or book a ticket in Kobe? Is there a website?
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best way of getting from Kobe to Hakuba? I am getting the ferry to Kobe from Tianjin, arriving on 4th Feb, and need to get up to Hakuba. I'm guessing train is probably the best option, but am unsure of which route, prices, how to book tickets. Any advice would be much apreciated! Thanks, Susie
  6. For those of you based in the UK who ski/board in Japan, who do you get your travel insurance from? Looking for insurance which will cover me for 30+ days on snow. Struggling to find many companies which will cover off-piste unless with a guide... BMC's annual policy is the only suitable one I have found so far. Any suggestions welcome! Thanks.
  7. I'm booked to stay in Tabi Tabi 1st-28th Feb. See you there!
  8. Glad to hear TabiTabi is as good as it looks on the website. Can't wait to get out there. Spending a lot of my work day daydreaming at the moment!
  9. Hi Wallas. I am staying at Lodge Tabi Tabi. Booked from 1st-28th Feb. What about you? Not sure of my plans after that, but I have another month before I have to be back at work so maybe another resort! Not tried to get the discounted pass. Struggling to work out how cost effective it would be anyway, given that it only covers Goryu/47. Not sure how much time I'd want to board elsewhere in Hakuba...
  10. Hi Wallas. Did you manage to get your season pass sorted? I am in Hakuba for 1 month (maybe more) in Feb so figured it would save me some money buying the discounted rate season pass too.
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