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  1. ssar - already got my checklist together! Although I don’t bother carrying my boarding gear with me as my insurance and BA pay for everything I need should they loose/delay my baggage – ended up getting completely new kit (jackets, pants, crash pads, goggles, gloves, the lot!) when they lost our stuff going to Mayrhoffen last year, although we did have to hire boards, but hey ho!!! Thursday, we’ve got 10 days boarding and 3 days in Tokyo. Only 1 week, 3 days and 19 hours til take off, woohooo!!
  2. Originally Posted By: DJElo well..just tell them to try and be somewhat respectful while on public transport. I hope they can do that! they can be loud and laugh in a different place then the pt.. Even I who don't live in japan find it very annoying when people talk on the phone or talk loudly when im there..it's relaxing on the tube when it's not packed ofc..it should stay that way.. I would really like for this kind of behavior to become standard in western countries aswell..Ive been in stockholm for the last 2 months visitng family over x-mas and find it utterly amazing that people can't ha
  3. Originally Posted By: Gary You can use your phone on a train if you dont mind EVERYBODY on the train around you glaring at you, shaking their heads and most likely, some very angry old guy saying "URUSAI" to you. Talking on the phone on the train here is very rude, as is talking loudly, crossing your legs, eating and slouching on your seat. Me and a few friends were talking and laughing on a train once - not particularly loudly, and some old guy came over saying "URUSAI" and "BE SILENT", he then went and pushed one of the girls in our party - an australian-chinese - presumably because he thou
  4. Hi guys Thank you all very much for your replies!!! I found out from Tabi that they actually have a Japanese style bath and it is privately rented out so we can all chill together covered up!! Yeay!!!! I will be doing A LOT of reading up on Japanese customs, do’s and don’ts etc – the last thing I’d want to do is offend anyone! 2 weeks, 2 days, 19 hours & 40 minutes til take off!!!!
  5. Naked?? Hmmmm. Not sure I’m up for seeing my b/f’s mates bits, nor them seeing mine! I’ll take my bikini just in case. I’m hoping the hot tub in Tabi Tabi will allow mixed bathing in swimwear!!!! Might drop them an email to check…..
  6. Ouch, that's harsh. We're flying Aberdeen-London-Helsinki-Toky with BA who allow you to take a board bag on in addition to your allowance at no extra cost. However, they do a code share with Finair (Helsinki-Tokyo leg) who charge you 30 euros for your board bag! BA will have checked us right through to Tokyo, so we'll probably get away with the charge on our way out, not sure what will happen on our way back though!! Sounds like you guys have had a nightmare! I think I'll print off BA & Finair's baggage allowances to save any problems!!
  7. Thanks Klingon, your answer is appreciated Thank goodness there's another girl coming if they split men & women up - I'd be gutted if I had to relax on my own! I'll drop Tabi an email and see what they say. What's other peoples experiences in other hotels/lodges etc, have the man & women been segregated even in small hot tubs??
  8. Hi Klingon I already searched back, and there's only 1 conversation that's relevant (the one Pete started) but it's still not answering all of my questions? My post isn't only about onsens, or tattoo's for that matter?? Can anyone help?
  9. Hi Pete I read stuff that say tattoos are a still taboo in Japan, but then I read soemthign else that says otherwise! Really wanted answers from people who've experienced it themselves, especially in Hakuba.
  10. Hello there folks, hope you're all well?? Only 2 weeks & 3 days until we leave for Japan, woohoo!!!!!!!! Question for you guys though. A few of our party have tattoos, one of them almost covers his whole arm & shoulder, one of them is a girl, what's the scoop with hot tubs / onsens / communal bathing / massages (specifically sports massages)etc in Hakuba? Will my friends be admitted to any of these types of facility? Also, just out of interest, our lodge (Tabi Tabi) has a hot tub, will us girlies be allowed to chill in it with the boys or will we be separated?
  11. Hey Gary, I did mean as ID, thank you. Not planning on driving while we're there, not like being in an English speaking country where the roads & maps make sense!!!! Air & Womb have both been mentioned before, everyone going is really into their techno so that's our aim - find a decent Techno club!! I'll take your advice on the map thing, cheers for the heads up! What time are the clubs open to? Are there all ngiht pubs?
  12. I had the same problem, I thought I'd be able to buy a Hakuba wide ticket but no! I've put 50,000 aside for passes, I’m there for 10 days but will have a day off to go see the Snow Monkeys, but I thought I’d be better to play it safe. I actually have a document that I put together just the other day that lists prices for SANOSAKA, KASHIMAYARI, SUN ALPINA JOINT, GORYU, HAKUBA 47, HAPPO ONE and HAKUBA MINETAKA, which I can email to you if you like? I found the sites for LAKE AOKI, IWATAKE & HAKUBA HIGHLAND SNOWPARK but they had no English info available so I couldn’t find the
  13. Hahaha, you been up to the 'Deen before TB?? Not much here thanks to being battered by north sea winds lol. I'm more worried about getting so drunk that I loose my passport!! There are 8 of us so someone is bound to loose their passport. Do any of you know if a UK driving lisence is accepted, or even a provisional?
  14. Cash is all changed and ready to go Well, mine is, can't say the same for our whole group On the lift pass front, we're playing it safe, 5,000 yen a day for 10 days. It's well overestimated but better that than run short. On the Kobe beef front I heard you could get an 8oz for around 30,000? Tokyo-C pork huh? Sounds interesting! I'll look it up, cheers Ryoma!
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