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  1. The high roller from DaKine seems to be the only bag that is exactly what I'm after...the onl;y problem is I was trying to stay under $300 lol. The low roller would be ok but can I fit my jacket etc in with the board? I guess I cans tuff what ever I want to in it really...
  2. Yeha thats what I'm thinking. My experiences with DaKine stuff is good - excellent quality gear which is very important. I just need to find a decent stockist. Do you have a model name you'd recommend? Im heading over to the DaKine site now so I guess it'll be obvious!
  3. Hi all, Sorry if this is a the wrong section - it's not a gear review so I guess it shouldn't go there! It's been a while since I posted but with another trip coming up I'm getting excited lol. Unfortuantely this time I am heading to Lake Tahoe instead of Hakuba like last year - group decision. I guess it's good to have variety right? Anyway, I just purchased a new setup (Rome design 162, Burton Mission Bindings and some Burton ruler boots) and have decided based on my GFs past experiences with the US airline industry that I want a pretty darn good bag to protect it all. I
  4. Before my last trip to Japan I watched That's It, That's All probably 7 times through in under a month. I was addicted to it. As someone who is into photography and videography it blew my mind. I'm excited by The B as it seems to be Burton's answer to TITA, but I think people will struggle to top that movie for a long time yet...until someone gives me the reigns on a big budget snowboarding film that is
  5. Sorry I've taken so long to reply - my notifications don't appear to be working properly Yeah my intitial research ahs lead me to believe that the west caost may be the way to go. I'm trying to avoid whistler as it's expensive and busy. A few suggested places that are topping my current list are Kicking Horse, Fernie and Red Mountain. As it stands we may hit Fernie for a week, Red for up to 2 weeks (OMG proper tree runs!) and then head into the US and go somewhere in Utah. Then pass through New York on our way out. As much as going to Japan all the time would be excellent (cheap as
  6. Quote: I'm pretty sure that SJ will not want this to become some discussion of what they are and are not, but I have always thought this is quite a unique site/forums. Yes there's tons of ski sites out there, especially for the big destinations, but they are often either just basically promotional tools, run or backed by travel agents and/or full of tiresome attitude. An equivalent idea for other countries really is actually quite hard to find. That pretty much sums up my experience so far. One site seemed to just be a front for Miley Cyrus pictures! I guess the best I can do is just keep
  7. If this is inappropriate feel free to delete it moderators peoples...I'm only asking because I'm getting frustrated looking myself. I feel a little dirty asking this here, but where can I find equivalent sites like this for the United States and Canada? Or is this truly a unique experience? I only ask because I think I may be heading to either destination in 2011 (got another trip to Japan at the start of 2010 - flights are so cheap!!! ) and would like to start my research as a large group of us is going for over a month. The problem is every site I have dug up thus far either
  8. Yeah, one of the boy is still sore lol. The last day we desperately wanted to head out but a combination of the rain that day, the ice the night before and my extremely sore backside kind of put that to rest before I even got out of bed. It made me feel dirty for skipping my last day of snowboarding for possibly another 12 months but I just couldn't do it!!!
  9. Yeah we were told that Iwatake is alright but because of the lack of snow it was not worth visiting this season. Maybe next year
  10. I really don’t know where to start….I guess I’ll skip over the first day in Tokyo because all we care about here is glorious snow right? I’d like to note my best mate and his little brother were unable to attend the trip because of a serious injury 2 days before we were scheduled to leave – it would have been mental if they were with us! I must also point this was my first time snowboarding so I won’t be able to give you a detailed report of how ‘sick’ the ‘pow’ was and what-not. It’ll be kind of basic sorry. We arrived by bus at the Wind Jacket Lodge at approximatel
  11. My second day ever on the snow and i did my first rail...so happy. I've wiped out badly a few times and nearly joined my mate in the hospital after a particularly bad head smack. Best fun ever etc etc. By my low standards the weather has been great as well. Not looking forward to writing a TR but that's because it means its over!!!!
  12. woops..I meant 20cm lol. 3 hours till the bus ride out to Hakuba. Catch ya`ll later!!!
  13. Actually right now im slightly intoxicated in my hotel in tokyo. Sadly i had macdonalds as my welcome to japan meal but then again after 11hours of travel i couldnt be arsed looking for food and "testing" the local cuisine. I feel bad cause of my mate and all but the rest of us are chomping the bit to get to the snow sunday morning after seeing 0cm of fresh snow fall in hakuba....very enthused lol. If anyone on these forums is in Hakuba over the next 2 weeks and wants to catch up...pm me!!! Very excitedly - Matt.
  14. Shrine prayer thingy - check. Not going to footy tomorrow night - check. Not letting my mate play indoor cricket tonight - failed. He pulled his hamstring lol. He'll be right by Sunday though thank god. No major injuries other than my shoulder our entire lives and it all falls apart now! Bah
  15. Yeah, can't really complain too much. another positive is the insurance has been confirmed and will cover both of the fellas for all their costs. So they will get everything back. Now I just have to sort it out with the airlines and the travel agent so that they know not to expect them to show up anytime soon.
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