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Originally posted by Kumapix:
I checked out next year's Burton catalogue :p
Next year's Malolo looks really cool thumbsup.gif
The 158 is black thumbsup.gif but the 162 is red confused.gif it still looks really good.
the fish looks like this year's but the colours are red and black.
There's all sorts of new bindings and a new boot.
The custom & custom x graphics are cool.
Uninc is .... hmmm, totally different to this year
The Custom graphics are sweet - basic, clean, and hot. The Jeremy, and White designs are not so great - haven't seen the malolo, Jussi, or Uninc...the freakiest graphics is the twin - ballpoint penned skull?!?!?! hmmmm...

Kuma, maybe you can help me - I'm probably going to buy a new board in mid Feb and i'm torn between Burton Twin and Jussi. I probably won't get a chance to demo either before buying...what are your thoughts? Anyone else that has ridden these boards feel free to chime in.
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Thanks Slow!


Nice pics! Especially the one of smiley snowy Hugh spoiling a great shot of my glove (look carefully).


"... and change your name to 'fast' while you're at it!"


That was a fun day with plenty of fun little drops, and the odd knee-to-chin contact.



I went to Yanaba for the nighta last night - it was alright.

Little jib line of 3 different styles of flat box, which were set up ok.


A wierd high but short kicker, that was fun if you went slow, but too landing too flat if you went bigger (sore ankle shin after that - came round and looked down onto what seemed completely flat piste to land on quite a few feet down - never a good sight).


A bigger table (still only about 7m) if you walked up a bit and hit it in the dark (I didn't).


and a small pipe that was well shaped in places (bearing in mind i come from riding in France where pipes are never shaped).


definately enough to get your feet back on - it was my first park, pipe and rails of the season, and quick to lap for the 6 till 9.30 time slot, for only 1700 yen with a free drink if you grab a flyer from a sports shop, etc.

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ahhhhhh so you went to yanaba last night AK? with dan? was considering it, but went drinking instead cool.gif was also considering the gym, but that didn't happen either.


tonight is reform night, before things get off the hook this weekend. what are you doing AK? still going to see monkeys run around on sunday?

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Originally posted by eskimobasecamp:
oyuuuuuki baby, when u back over in hakuba next?
whenever the fancy strikes me, i suppose.

i might come over some time around the long weekend, but that depends on money. Im trying to talk a shop guy into selling me a 2-season old board for at least half-price.

inuit baby (eskimo is actually no longer used in Canada, its consitered derogatory. Its a word from another native tribe meaning `flesh-eater`, whereas inuit means `the people`),

have you downloaded any of that music? listened to any of it?
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i certainly have - so far i've got through lords of the underground, digable planets, digital underground, krs one and the pharcyde .... 'wooo wooo da sound of da police' - a tribe called quest is quite hard to get hold of tho.


favourite tune right now though is 'try' by sweatshop union. if we make a ski movie of some description this year, that's the soundtrack for my section.

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the best track on the KRS-one is `Mortal thought`


i have some SSU too. For some other great canadian Hip hop, check out Maestro Fresh Wes (around`90), K-Os, and a super hard-to-find crew called scales Empire. they dropped one amazing song called `Bright Lights, Big City` and then totally vanished.


Come over to the right armpit of Nagano and i`ll hook you up with some more music. Bring your bitch AK and make a party out of it!


And did you get that one Digital underground album? Burn me a copy if you did!

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my nerd-status is in serious jeopardy after the people in the apartment building who were unknowingly letting me use their wireless connection put protection on it yesterday. Now I can only browse from work or from the inlaws'. \:\(

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