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Thanks - I went down to Jimbocho to have a look at the boards and check the stiffness of nose and tail. I think i'm going to go for the Jussi...I'm not only a jibber (despite my on-line persona) I want to hit the whole mountain AND jib...- plus the twin graphics look a bit sissy...

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Originally posted by Fattwins:
toque it ends in sick little chute that we wondered about last season. Ill get pics from the photographer one day but I cant really post them here.

also skied a spine that we had eyed a few times as well. Jer is really on form and we are clicking as a safe team at the moment. Im looking forward to attempting the karasawa face with him this season.
It's a good thing you know my email address then
I do remember a nice tight chute coming off that ridge but didn't want to ski it in spring snow as it would be a straightline. In powder I bet it was money
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saturday night was nuts


some guys from softbank were buying me this sake that was 2,000 for like a little square thing


was a crazy night


on the fri had a fair bit also and went to karaoke with ben and jess


btw did you play *the* game with ben?

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Pmed you FT



On sunday, I went to get domo kun stuff from NHK. It was like a tour thing for kids so megan, allan and I snuck in through some service entrance and didn't have to pay.


it was pretty funny because everybody was obviously either a mother or under 4 years old except for three gaijin.

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