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  1. Quote: Originally posted by thursday: You know, it's just one of those things thats on my list. So too is Everest. Maybe do everthing on your list before you do Everest, as Everest could be the last thing you do.
  2. I played drums in a band in the early 90's in Perth. We played the Big Day Out in 95 with Ministry, The Cult and a heap of other bands which was cool, also played some other great gigs in Perth supporting international bands and playing at other festivals.
  3. Quote: boys club you don't encourage girls to come on here and take part with this crap being posted. If you are going to say that I could reply with Hakuba Club on some of the posts in here. And bushpig i was refering to the comments being the over reaction. EBC could have said please dont post pictures of girls as it discourages girls posting on here but she didnt she posted this Quote: if you want to post pics of hot girls (that you'd never get near in real life) go to newschoolers.com - i'm pretty sure the 17 year olds on there have a whole thread dedicated to pictures of hot
  4. Quote: roo - it's a SNOW forum, post pictures of riding and mountains, not half naked chicks - it's irrelevant and like FT said not ok for work. or if you want to post pics of hot girls (that you'd never get near in real life) go to newschoolers.com - i'm pretty sure the 17 year olds on there have a whole thread dedicated to pictures of hot chicks. fkn boys club yaaaaaaawn. AK, jonny & i were at yanaba last night, good times hitting ice in the dark Over reaction.
  5. Quote: being on National TV with exposure to 125 million people I thought Japan only had a population of approx. 130 million. So does that mean the whole population was watching late night news at 11.30pm on the same channel.
  6. Quote: Sunrise or anyone else who may be interested, heres a pretty good example of what they do. http://www.archive.org/details/zilla2006-03-28.flac16 Just click on any of the tracks on the upper right to stream. Is that elevator music or am I not on the right drugs.
  7. real bad period pain, especially if your boss is a male, he won't doubt you.
  8. Quote: I really like the feeling that I can dump my 5 month old skis anywhere for hours and expect them to be there when I get back. It's how I think things should be and I'd like it to stay that way. That feeling will change the first time you have your gear stolen. It did for me. Like creek boy said lock = 1000 yen, skis = 50000 yen, its a no brainer really.
  9. Quote: If you go off piste, and don't wear a helmet, then don't bother wearing a seatbelt in the car, either.
  10. Quote: deeeeeeeeeeeeeep house dude, i saw him at 902 last weekend.... miguel migs all the way baby, was loving it, reminded me of the wild university days He must have mellowed since arriving in Japan. Wonder if he's got some Motley Crue to mix things up a bit.
  11. Quote: Jimmy Concrete will be DJ at 902 Bar that night as well I hope you like banging techno?
  12. Your best bet is to go to Main Peak and try gear for sizing then order it from an east coast store like Balmoral Boards or First Tracks or whoever. Main Peak are ok price for goggles and gloves so you could buy them from there.
  13. You catch what they call the limousine bus service (company called Chou I think) forgot the price maybe 3000 yen
  14. Quote: Originally posted by skidaisuki: I have never heard of anyone losing stuff to thieves on the piste in Japan, nor from storage in accomodation. In short - no need to lock. That's the joy of this country. Saying in short no need to lock is not very good advice. Thats the same advice I was told just before my board got stolen, i learnt the hard way. Unless your a policeman or work within the ski industry how can you give such a generalised statement regarding on piste theft for the hundreds of resorts in Japan.
  15. Quote: I'm hoping to start my little lady this winter, she is nearly 2. She is keen to move around on the skis, will be fun to see how she goes on the snow, on the flat! I hope you don't ruin it forever by starting so young. Like ASB said if they are not physically and mentally ready its just too dangerous.
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