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  1. Yup - I agree - you should try it. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. And nah - smartphones can't suck any data off the net if there's no data plan! So - 300 calls of up to 10mins each or a total of 10 mins (that would be a bit strange - who would make 300 calls and use less than 10 mins total?!!!! Anyway, something to look into! I don't really like the android/google experience so I wouldn't really be interested in a free android phone - my last docomo phone is/was an android, didn't like it at all, turned off all wifi (no data of course), texting was a PITA... Got
  2. Heya Wiggles! Howzitgoing? Just passing by and happened to see this - is that '300 free calls' to any phone (including other companies) and does that include unlimited time? If so, sounds like a good enough deal for me to think about myself. I'm currently using an iPhone 3 (on a hacked OS which effectively unlocks it), for phone/SMS/wifi only. No data plan, just regular phone plan (the iPhone gives me a better texting experience than a regular phone) on docomo, which usually costs me around 2000 - 3000 yen a month, as I don't make so many calls. I switched out the SIM from my crappy d
  3. I'm not sure about charges, but for a one-off like that if you don't have a bank account attached to it (I don't) you'll just wind up with a credit balance in your account so next time you buy something the charge(s) will be taken off that credit balance first before your CC. If it's a really large amount and you want the cash, rather than just whittling it away on future PP purchases, well then that's another story...
  4. I have no idea how much batteries on newer cars cost but the one on fjef's old 2001 (sedan) prius which I inherited cost¥150,000 to replace. Did that in late 2008 (or 9?), so the battery was about 7-8 years old then. It would probably still be going today but the car wound up sitting out in the inaka undriven for a few months, including thru a rainy season and the battery somehow shorted out. Hybrids need to be driven regularly as I found out... at that point it was either dump the car (worth nothing here without battery) or buy a new one and start using it in the city. I did the latter, the c
  5. Hi teikiatsulover - I don't have an iPhone or do tethering but was looking into it awhile back, and yes, different plans for different companies. You'd have to check them all out.
  6. Thanks DiGriz, good to know, I wonder how much a new tub costs... anyway if I can find a way to successfully clean it so much the better. Dumbstick, I mentioned gaijin cos that's the only situation I know of. Oh wait, another one too - another gaijin - took a landlord to court for trying to rip her off out of getting her deposit back, probably similar kind of situation to the one I already mentioned, she also won, though I think it took a lot longer.
  7. congrats Rach, did you get the retina? I've had the mini for a year (before retina came out) - main reason I got it is that it's great for gigs - lyric book, and also iRealB is great for chord charts, sure beats lugging lots of books around, plus it transposes on the fly so easy to put it in my or someone else's key. Also if there's an internet connection I can grab lyrics for requests during breaks, and even learn songs on the fly watching them on youtube if necessary. Also some gigs I do require backing tracks, so the iPad's also good for that too at a pinch, though I usually use my iPod f
  8. I'm going to nick Chriselle's granite bath and replace my plastic one with it!
  9. I know someone (gaijin) where the landlord tried to blame them for damage, she took him to court (with lots of photos) and won. Another person told me that after 10 years it's all wear and tear, but I guess it depends. You could actually contact tenants right associations or some kind of official tenant association to find out. Tenants have a lot more rights here than you'd imagine. It's apparently very hard to evict a tenant, even if you have good reason to, for instance... I've been in my place over 10 years, and have wondered about how that will go down when I finally move out one
  10. Sure, go ignore it... doesn't bother me either way! I wouldn't pay a bill that I couldn't understand either.
  11. Wow, I wonder if I have some points I don't know about on my DC JAL card, or maybe just miles... (which have served me well).
  12. I actually phoned them (solicitor) and spoke to a human in English... and yes, I've had the delivery person taking the tax as well here.
  13. It's happened a few times to me, I ignored as well. One particular time after awhile I started getting letters from a solicitor acting on their behalf threatening legal action if I didn't pay. (forgotten who the carrier was, FedEx, DHL, or someone...) In the end I called the solicitor with my intention to pay, then I had a family emergency overseas and totally forgot about it, but they never contacted me again, so I guess they just let it go... it was only something like 2000 yen... probably cost them way more than that to pay the solicitor....
  14. Chriselle - not true about Logic - lots of pro studios and pro musicians/audio folk still using it as their main... Of course Pro Tools continues to be the main pro studio setup like it's always been. Lots of pro people tend to also use both - with Logic more for composition and arranging and Pro Tools more for tracking and mixing - esp film composers, etc... Even GB has it's uses - it's great for throwing down quick ideas... That being said, I hear where you're coming from re FCX etc... And now back to your regular station, GG I'm glad you're enjoying your new iMac.
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