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  1. I have gotten back into mountain biking and doing kettlebells again and feel much better because of it. I've barely lost any of my spare tire but I feel so much better, have more energy, and my stress has decreased, too! A win win situation for sure. Now, if I could just drop 10 kgs I'd be even happier bring on the ski season!
  2. BG, head to Yamaya!! Case was 4400 I believe.
  3. Oops m(_ _)m My bad! Thanks! Yes, Hinshu is a brand new Sento Lando/Amuzumento Paaku that is berry berry toppu secretto!!! Only Abe and his Nihon Kaigi underlings know the secret place!
  4. Mr. Wiggles, I found more mixed onsen down in Kyushu and up in Hokkaido than here on Honshu. I have seen kashikiri places around Hinshu proper but not many mixed onsen unfortunately.
  5. Think we might have the same one! It's almost as big as my Legacy!
  6. Can't wait to hear about it, from the same makers as Halo I believe. I'm not sure I'll lose the weight I want if I get my hands on that game!
  7. I've drank just under half a case of Kirin's Akiaji and it doesn't taste the same as last year at all. It's slightly hoppier don't you think? I'm sad to say this but I don't think it's nearly as good as last year
  8. Mr. wiggles, I've got a big ol Thule roof box which holds Captain Spock and Han Solo no problem. Highly recommended.
  9. Can't sign in to PSN for the first time, how am I going to get my GTA V fix of running over people and blowing up cars??
  10. Saw some Atomic Atlas on sale for less than 400 USD, such a great deal!
  11. Not that I know of, I guess more people out in Kansai much prefer an easy sport and sitting on their butts in the middle of the runs half the day
  12. Muika, yes, I'd say it's a major resort for Kansai people. It's almost as far for me to get to Hachi Akita as it is to get to Dynaland, I much prefer Dynaland myself.
  13. I'd like to hear that as I love listening to them when working out. Might give it a go at work today, but may end up not getting much done and just bounce off the walls all day.
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