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From where I am in Niigata it's about a 4 hours and that's using the expressway from where I live up to Shibata.


Lets say you use the Joshinetsu Expressway from close to Nagano City up to Shibata, I'd say that would take around an extra 45-60 minutes.


So that might be close to 5 hours from Nagano..... that's by car.


I dread to think how you'd get from one to the other by train!

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Trains don't seem to be too hot on the N-S up the country here other than the shink backbone. They do have some good excuses though (mountains!)

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Perhaps, someone who has been making photos might relate to me.

In Japanese, photography is called "shashin" meaning "transcribing the truth"

I come from the background where you squeeze the available light spectrum onto a narrow latitude of the film emulsion. I am always aware of what I want to translate visually when making a photo. In this case ie; setting sun, you have a very short time, the sun moves and the light changes quick, and what makes the sun interesting is the clouds.

Point and shoot is just that. You don't have to make a photo. There are no better photographers because the camera is taking the "averaged" photo. But even in this situation, you can see what has caught the eyes of a photographer- intent.


Most people cannot "see" what is there. The photograph makes it even harder.


Can you see the track (foot marks) when you are in a pine covered ground in a forest in Autumn? I like tracking and I can see them. You can go and learn tracking or read about it but that won't make you "see" . I use all my senses to do this. However, if I see the photo of the track I can read, I won't be able to "see" them on a photo.

Probably you don't understand what I mean but hope you get the drift.

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