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  1. Love the look of this place. Sorry for the really dumb question but is this a bit trek from say Nagano?
  2. Just heard - all ok! Now to the planning and figuring out where to go etc
  3. Bar any problems with her work, going good. She's up for it!
  4. I'm just so goddam excited to find out about this. Another week or so and our flight in october would have been booked.
  5. Don't know where to best say this but - fantastic website and information here and these forums. Invaluable. Thanks, whoever is doing it all!
  6. I should say I haven't actually made any definite plans, just my heart is set on the change. Good idea Mamabear.
  7. Hi! New here. Writing from the UK. My gf and I were planning a trip to Japan for around October - were in the JNTO in London and saw some info on this site on a flyer there and also in the Warren Miller guide book. After a quick look round I have changed the plans - October, while a lovely time to visit looks like nothing compared to January! How do I tell the g/f? (She can ski, so I'm sure she'll be on for it!)
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