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  1. When you say the village, is that the bit around the train station?
  2. Not busy was a big thing with me. The first place I went was packed crowded. Not fun at all I felt very uneasy. Next place was almost empty. Made a huge difference.
  3. The locals in the onsen near me are used to me now so don't check out my private bits but I am always but when going to a new place I'm always conscious. I can see why some people will not be wary.
  4. There always seems to be talk of resorts in this area like that, but I have no idea what is true. I wonder how many of the places actually make a profit as they certainly never seem to get really busy other than at the very peak weekends.
  5. Live in a town with quite a good choice of onsen and I'm in there at least once a week. One of the best things about living in Japan any time of the year.
  6. I just wish the town fit in more with the brilliant temple area. The town (city) of Nikko is the usual Japanese mess and looks like so many others - there's even the run of run-down buildings on the way in. It really spoils it I think and it would be great if Nikko town could be redone in a style fitting the history and atmosphere of the main attractions. I know it's a typical problem in Japan but...
  7. I wish I could easy get over there from here in Tochigi in winter but as mentioned in another thread the road is closed in winter. Quite close really but just can't get there!
  8. I love seeing old photos wherever they are of. You can look at some for such long times and still get things out of them. Where I live here in Tochigi though seems to have been in some kind of frozen state for the last 50 years. Photos from back then look pretty much the same, just without the vending machines!
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