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  1. A NeverSummer is mine for next winter. I have promised myself.
  2. Still look like big numbers to me, but imagine 3,180,000 people at one resort?! No wonder you couldn't see the snow!
  3. Looks like fun and love those minature shots! When is this place open until?
  4. Just about hit 10. Most memorable moment - meeting my g/f in Shiga Kogen in the restaurant at lunchtime. Item by the end of the 3 days
  5. Only what others have said but thanks for all the pics and info. You have made me want to go to Niseko.
  6. Great photos. Really good place. Another of my faves.
  7. Originally Posted By: iiyamadude You are probably right Mr Wiggles, though the name/brand of Nozawa does have some pull. It's one of those places where people who don't ski come even in winter for the onsen etc. Interesting discussion. My first Japanese resort was Nozawa, was taken by friends. Those friends still go there every year at least once in winter and also summer. It does have an appeal with a lot of people, even for people who don't ski. Obviously that's not going to do much good for the ski resort! I also try to go back there and often have problems booking places on the
  8. Nozawa. As good a place as any to start though I know zero about it when I went. Was just taken there!
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