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Was playing it last night only bought it because I thought the Jet Ski would be like N64 but it's not.

Sword Fight is good fun

Wake boarding is ok

Table tennis is good

Bowling is bowling

Archery is excelent

Golf is hard but has some depth so could be one of the better ones.

Cycling is ok

Canoeing is ok

Basketball was suprisingly good

I think that covers it

It's on sale in Aus for $79 including motion sensor

It is most probably woth $49

Pick it up second hand


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Wonder if they will keep them as they are now or do something with them. Hard to see Game suddenly becoming a success with the way they currently do things. Grim shops. The best bit I saw while I w

It's fun. In a light with your mates kind of way.

More responsive than the first one due to the little widget thing you stick on.

Should be able to find it for around 4000 yen new.

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Question about PSP Go. If I have some UMDs from the PSP, I can't play them because there's no drive on the PSP GO, right? So do I effectively have to pay again for that game? Or is there some scheme where I get the download version for nothing (he asks rather naively!)

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Right - Can't play them. Currently there is no definite solution on what to do with it. Some have suggested a like-for-like transfer whilst others have suggested a trade in system.


Personally Sony have ballsed up with the PSP Go -too expensive for what it is, no clear option of what is going to happen with UMDs, still doesn't have two analog sticks, and nothing outstanding about it. Of course that last one is purely personal.

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Originally Posted By: RobBright
HUGE NEWS today shaking the stockmarkets

MS rumoured to be buying EA.î—…
Christ -imagine if its true. PS3 would be a sinking ship in the ocean of consoles.

CHIBA, Japan, Sept 24 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) has no plans to acquire Electronic Arts (ERTS.O), a Microsoft executive said, shooting down unsubstantiated talk of a potential bid that triggered a spike in the video game publisher's shares.

"We have no plans to acquire EA," Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, told Reuters in an interview on Thursday. "They remain a very important partner to us. No acquisitions."

Spencer declined to comment on whether it had held talks with Electronics Arts on such a move.

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