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  1. I've got the fastecs and love them, although I'm no expert. i like the ease of use and the comfort button on them. mamabear wears uses them too and loves them. however, I recall she mentioned they were a bit tricky to operate if you were stuck in deep powder?
  2. bad breath is often caused by gingivitis, where gums are infected. Even if they brush regularly, if the gums between the teeth aren't cleaned adequately, this causes bad breath - hence the need for floss etc
  3. actually just checked out their pricing, $1100 for 7 nights in a twin room. works out only $80/kid/night
  4. work MB? work? I've seen how much work you have been doing over the last 3 months dammit!!
  5. What you mean? Venerable?? Not THAT old yet! damn that auto-correct function. He meant venereal!
  6. LOL, I thought you meant they were predicting the quake would hit at 9pm tonight. I was thinking they are getting pretty smart att his sort of stuff!
  7. grocery shoppong is my single biggest expense. I've got 4 kids (one of whom just moved out two weeks ago) and one dong body building, so we average around $500 per week. Hopefully the bill will come down a bit now no. 1 has moved out Be interesting to see how much the same shopping list would cost in different parts of the world
  8. jelly? cummon MB, you've hit the snow at least 500 times so far this season - all I get to do is look at pictures
  9. my very first venture on snow was wearing skis - it was a disaster, partially I think the boots didnt fit and were crucifying my feet and partially because I was worried about two independently-minded skis taking off in horizontally opposed directions and rupturing my goin. i was only there for the day and it was a big fail. the next time, I tried a board and at the end of the first day, I was actually sliding (very beginner like) down the hill. having both feet strapped to the same plank of wood removed concerns for my groin. In my case, boarding was easlier to pick up than skiin
  10. I love this spinning kick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP-0Ngn6a5I&list=PL83C87EC12ACC8250&feature=mh_lolz
  11. we do a similar one called climbing kick, a basic one shown here in competition at 27secs
  12. Deja Moo the feeling you've heard all this bullsh1t before
  13. mono-ear is unusual but cute! do some dogs not grow out of it?
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