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  1. Doing well myself. Don't know how much I have lost, but feel better for it. Takes a real effot to snap into the habit though
  2. Sky News. Was excited (for some reason) at first, but it gets old real quick.
  3. Everyone seems to love this Game of Thrones. Up to the hype?
  4. I have bad memories of camping as a child. Including large insects, nasty 'toilets' and lots of rain. It has kind of put me off for life!
  5. It was fun while it lasted. Not that I did anything special.
  6. Microsoft has announced that gamers in Japan will get the Xbox One this coming September, leaving a long summer to be spent toiling away with the Xbox 360. According to the company's Japanese division, the next-generation console will be hitting shelves on September 4.
  7. I'm pretty sure that lots of people who have loads of money also probably prefer to pay less for the same thing than more. One of the reasons they have loads of money might be because they use it well.
  8. Mmmm sausage rolls. They sound great Tubby. Does the missus like them?
  9. How long overdue is the Tokyo Big One now? The more the time rolls on....
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