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  1. Yeah I saw it was up to about 36 in some parts of Hokkaido.
  2. Do Japan have much of a chance of getting anywhere much beyond group this time? (I have no idea).
  3. A shout for Wagon Wheels and anything else that has a bit of biscuit, marshmallow and preferably also jam in.
  4. Jaws! He was cool. Well up until near the end of Moonraker.
  5. It's the no receipt thing that gets me. And they write down 4000 yen on a piece of paper as if you're supposed to accept it without knowing what it's all for. I'm sure some are honest, but it just reeks of rip off to me. I avoid those places.
  6. I would agree. I'm just saying that 0km means that it hasn't had a test run out. I read that legally a car is "new" until it has been registered to someone. If you look online lots of people get new cars with double and perhaps even triple digit numbers on the clock. I wouldn't like it either but that's the reality.
  7. In a way I don't suppose 0km is actually that good either... you want it at least tested a bit!
  8. Well I like Star Wars. The original ones. Grew up with them so a special place for me. The newer ones were disappointing to say the least. What were they thinking?
  9. You need to add a device there, Chriselle?
  10. Does ANYONE like that thing I wonder?
  11. I reckon close to 2 pints. One I had I think they called it a Mega Jokki. Don't know if that is an official size or not!
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