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  1. I must work in Tokyo over summer. I'm very jealous.
  2. I'm Japanese and I get annoyed by the coverage as well. It is just very extreme. Over expectant and cannot possibly live up to those expectation and then so deflated when inevitable lose. I would enjoy more realistic coverage.
  3. You want it to be? Sometime I'm surprised Niseko so popular as the steep there is very limited especially compared to other resort area in Honshu.
  4. The ones at Hakkai san are difficult to beat I think in mid season. They do not groom main run and sometimes huge bumps for long stretch.
  5. I think even so, Morning Musume "boom" is now over. They are still I think popular but not as before. There is always something new. I am surprised always how Smap keep so popular, especially as they are limited in actual talent!
  6. I work better later in the day actually. For me mornings are always difficult.
  7. Yes I think that too much thinking about things is often a bad thing. Some of my student find some wall in their mind and do much better when relax.
  8. I think more snowboarder will try skiing from now - I know a few people who did so this season.
  9. I can see why some people don't like Zao but I think it is a great place one of my favorite.
  10. I think it is a very strange idea for making some law about this. I wish they would spend time and money on more important things.
  11. Usually not a pet animal is it I think for many people in Japan/
  12. I don't like busy places myself but unfortunately I don't have much choice in work commute.
  13. I wonder, if they are losing money by opening then why do they open and extend the season like that? There must be some gain in doing so. Perhaps more people using it that we think.
  14. Did you watch it? I was plan to but only got back from work at 11 last night (it's not normal!) and so did not see it.
  15. Series 3 has just started on Fox channel.
  16. Memory card, yes. Here as well. Luckily not that much on it in my case.
  17. I got one this morning: Glamour ladies making puddle on the floor
  18. I saw that last night it makes me so angry to see it. I can't understand some people.
  19. In my experience the main 3 Hokkaido is best - powder, just so good so much of time Nagano - often excellent, maybe not as reliable as Hokkaido. Niigata - can be good, but generally wetter than Nagano.
  20. This help_ http://www.snowjapanforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=pntf
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