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  1. 1) Walking 50m or so under the rope at the top if Happo-one to get some shots of the montain? 2) Walking past the rope up to the top by the ice monsters at Zao? I ask because in both cases, lots of people seem to do it, though at times they call people back. What's the official position?
  2. I could easy spend a week in Shiga Kogen, love it. I'd weigh in more than Nozzle.
  3. Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has admitted indecently assaulting 13 girls, the youngest aged nine. Hall, 83, entered the guilty pleas last month at Preston Crown Court but they can only be revealed today after reporting restrictions were lifted. The sex offences took place between 1967 and 1986.
  4. It might help if you post what TPP and FTP stand for....
  5. I really know little about this, isn't a 'benefit' of this just to have someone feel some responsibility. Even if they do or don't.
  6. I was about to go to bed and have a fairly early night. Just flicking through and saw the image of that first fire. Just about had enough time to hear a general discussion on what it was when that second plan came in from the right and slammed into the other building. That was one truly shocking moment.
  7. We have a flight into Tokyo and 2 weeks in Japan in late January. Haven't made plans beyond that, the accommodation can get sorted later when we have thinked it all out!
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