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  1. Definitely want to go there! Must go on an empty stomach!
  2. 2 weeks or so in Nagano in February. Flights are booked, everything else is being thought over and planned.
  3. Can't wait to get to Japan and try all the food I have been dreaming of.
  4. I saw a thread for last year, but what about this next season? I haven't spent much time in Japan, certainly not as much as I would like to, but hope this next season I can get a good 3 weeks in. My plan: - 2 weeks in February in Nagano, checking out a few of the main places - might sneek in a bit of Niigata too - few days in Tokyo at relatives place
  5. If all goes well, I will spend half of Febraury in Nagano, with a sprinkling of Tokyo in there.
  6. Good on you ILoveZao. I have heard many stories of kindness like this. Makes me love Japan all the more.
  7. Rates are harsh at the moment. Luckily I have a bit of cash in an account in Japan that a relative looks after for me so I can use that. Converting now would be painful.
  8. Ski. First time was 20 years ago, when I was 9. Done a fair bit of riding the last 10 years mostly in Europe.
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