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  1. How are the rates doing for people visiting Japan these days? Just came from the UK and was shocked at it lingering in the 130s. :saface:
  2. 3 in early March. Just got back to Japan after some years back. Then that lot happened!
  3. I'm a bit late on this but just wanted to add that I really enjoyed reading that.
  4. What sort of costs are there involved with these things?
  5. The new outlooks does sounds like a fairly big improvement, thinking about getting it myself.
  6. Agree with yodel there, not impressed.
  7. I sometimes despair at how mistaken some subtitles in movies are. Not comedy, not culture related - just a fairly straight translation item comes out with the complete oppositve meaning.
  8. Any of the originally-non-Japanese here (gaijin) get or try to get Japanese citizenship?
  9. I'm new here so I don't know if it's been done before, but I just havr to say something, because I've been subjected to this tonight. You know how in Japan, eating and drinking is accompanied with very exaggerated and very loud and annoying noises. It seems to be worse with older people too. And burping over the dinner table. Some people have tried to explain this away to me by saying it shows appreciation for the good food and drink..... Is this acceptable or what? Anyone else really annoyed with it. I don't know why, it just makes me mad.
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