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  1. Ask? Take the clippers in hand and do it yourself i say!
  2. Bagofcrisps, not sure if you've been to their concert but when i was their it looked pretty obvious to me and those i was with that he couldn't remember the words. He stayed pretty much glued to the lectern till the last song "Its the end of the world". To be fair though, the rest of the band didn't exactly put in much effort either. Lucky for me, Died Pretty and Grant Lee Buffalo were worth the price of the tickets - both rocked!
  3. I saw the title of this thread and couldnt wait to get in and complain about the price i paid for an REM ticket only to see Stipe read the lyrics from a lectern. Very unprofessional - particularly when he was quoted in the press afterwards saying he had 3 months to refresh his memory and learn the words but couldn't be bothered. Funnily enough i haven't been bothered to buy any of their CD's since then.....perhaps its time to let my grudge go. Nice to see i'm not the only one whose felt shafted by REM!
  4. buffalo tom at the Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle on my birthday. Crowded House in front of the Opera House with half the population of Sydney - that was a truly frightening experience. You am i at a crowded pub somewhere in Newcastle. Most of my fave memories are of decent bands in intimate venues. I don't consider many of the outdoor/arena concerts i've seen to be that special.
  5. I find it can be a useful barometer of the weather. Often The Bag has noticed and reacted long before the cool breeze on the rest of my body tells me its time to put on a jumper. Listen to The Bag!
  6. Shimba...there's a couple of Canterbury store's in Tokyo where you should be able to buy them. There's one in Gaienmae next to Chichibunomiya rugby field that sells all that stuff.
  7. I really like poetry. There...i'm out of the closet. I used to write quite a bit when i was younger but haven't done much for a while. I never really liked the material we studied at school simply because i didn't find it entertaining. I like poetry that tells a story and entertains the reader. The great Australian bush poets are the bees knees as far as i'm concerned. Unfortunately, not many people consider this type of poetry to be "good" from an academic perspective and hence you don't get a chance to study it at school. Shame really.
  8. And i have scars on my face from playing cricket. Doesn't mean the other team took to me with the stumps, its just a product of being a bit slow with the hook shot. NZ look very cohesive at the moment. Most in form team from what i've seen. The wallabies are making progress but i fear we just can't fix all our problems in time for the finals - there are just too many of them. Very much looking forward to the Japan v America game. Go you good Cherry Blossoms!
  9. Nah, i'm more of an olive man. I regularly polish off a bottle of olives in front of the tele. yummo!
  10. Cheers Davo, i'll check it out. Thanks to the others for comments as well. Interesting that you should raise the issue of motiviation. I've never been the most motivated student, even when i was physically at Uni, so you've now got me wondering whether or not i'd struggle even more with an on-line course (my short attention span when studying Japanese is another good example). I think i'll ponder that over a beer while i watch the rugby tonight!
  11. Great feedback, thanks Danz. The MBA course i was looking at was at Cardean and one of the big selling points they emphasise is the interaction with lecturers and other students. The only real downside i can see is the opportunity to have open discussion with other students is somewhat limited. Discussing mgnt theories via email or forum boards could get a tad tedious. Does anyone know if any Aust. Unis offer these courses online. I guess i'll have to go back to the internet and do a bit more research.
  12. Just wondering if anyone here has done or knows someone who has completed (or tried to complete) an MBA online. Ive sent away to a couple of very big American colleges for information on their programmes and i'm now receiving the follow-up phone calls on a weekly basis. The course content looks pretty good and the flexibility of doing things online appears attractive - i'm just wondering if it all works out that way once you get started. Does anyone have any feedback?
  13. Mr Matthews, just for clarification - i wasn't at the station. What i meant was, when she got home and told me, i fell about laughing. Or were you suggesting i give my GF a kick up the arse? Good to hear your getting sleep again, Sunrise. With all the "awake" time you've been having, did you use it to write any more songs?
  14. I think Patrick Johnson was born in Australia db. Correct me if anyone knows any different but i think he has an aboriginal mother and Irish father? Anyway, he's quickish!
  15. I disagree woywoy. They used to have a similar rule in swimming and it became tedious watching them all fall in the water then having to wait till they climbed out just to do it all over again. They then introduced the false-start-and-your-out rule and things got a lot better. Given a little time, athletics will improve as well.
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