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  1. I'm gonna be in nozawa 18-22. after that i'll be as mobile as a brick on a skateboard at the bottom of a hill. but with some cunning ingenuity (as opposed to the bog standard, from the bottom of a cornflakes packet, generic styled ingenuity) and careful analysis of public transport infrastructure and time-tabling, i could see that situation improving...
  2. wow this is a great site!! u guys all seem really great and nice! i especially like the greatness. ...now listen. the word on the street has it that there is gonna be some revelry goin down in some snowy parts of honshu late jan. well thats nice an' all, and the homeys are hooked for some weekend galavanting. but that still leaves a number of days where the hip cats on the ridin' side of life might mistakenly mistake me for one of those dudes on the hill that has, like, ummm.... well, y'know.. ummmm.... no mates. and thats cool, cos who are they to me? i'm comfortable
  3. youre not keeping up...someone posted this pic a few months back. shame on u. u should pay more attention to the forum!
  4. i would like to formally offer my congrats from tibet. please pass on this message to the infant: ooza snoogy woogy. ooza snoogy woogy
  5. shit! that's a concern. any suggestion it was terrorists?
  6. i refuse to be persecuted for my knees, so will admit to nothing.
  7. dude, no! now i have images of guys in sandals with their tshirts tucked in to short shorts, filling the streets of seattle. short shorts should have died with the things that died many ages ago. guys' knees should always be hidden from public view. no excuses.
  8. dude, are you a woman? scratch your balls, and pull yourself together.
  9. sure, he's trying to build grass roots support for top bracket tax cuts. for too long the poor man was been whinging about working conditions, when he should be using his idle leisure hours to paint signs saying: give the rich a break. its difficult for these high end guys to find the ear of a politician, u know! [oh the film was some peter greenaway rant about a chef, a crim, some bird he was shacked up with and a random punter in over his head]
  10. i like this quote Quote: Relying principally on military means (to defeat terrorists) is like trying to eliminate a cloud of mosquitoes with a machine gun from http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20040621&s=greider
  11. that little story makes no mention of the kick backs, subsidies and friendly words in the right places the owner of the restaurant gives the rich man to run his multi national corporation.
  12. i thought pudding was the true source of happiness. but if u have to much happiness, it stops being happy. today i'm having my first pudding in almost a month.
  13. and in honour of our 65 year old friend oblivion, and whinging friend window-cleaner ... u can now check out when everyone was born http://www.onmc.iinet.net.au/top/1975.htm
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