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  1. Glass did a good effort on Big Bazza, but I think his woeful kicking had more to do with him being goaless. God there was some suss umpiring decisions in the last half of the match. I thought the siren would never blow at the end there. I think the AFL wanted syndey to win again! Jesus there was a lot of pissed people in the streets of Perth yesterday. Some pretty funny sights! Good Stuff Eagles!
  2. His arse Bobby12! No, just tucked under the top band of the nappy, or on the nappy pin if they were using cloth nappies, not sure. As I said, a bit risky. Could have been a crappy proposal!!!
  3. We were on the island of Ko Lanta in Thailand, the last night of a fantastic holiday, staying at a magic little boutique resort. It was a beautiful sunset and we were lying on the sun lounges by ourselves between the pool and the secluded beach after enjoying a few pink ladies (the cocktails I mean, get your minds out of the gutter ) After taking some time to build up the courage I rolled off the sun-lounge onto one knee and popped the question. My wife saw it coming as during my build-up I was coming out with some cheezy lines like "Gee it's a wonderful night hey!" A big yes and
  4. Now that's a bit full on db! It's a bit like people who have the whole gang in the birth suite during labour. I can't understand that. It's not a spectator sport!
  5. Oh they all look pretty "alien" when they first come out! Little Liam had the cord wrapped around his neck four times! Very Geiger! I was talking with a rather straight-talking friend of mine the other day about the birth process and I had to laugh when he said that watching his partner giving birth was kind of like seeing a boa-constrictor eat a baby pig......but in reverse!
  6. Thanks guys! It's funny I haven't been posting on here for ages and when I do make it back over here it's all baby talk! Fats, wow it sounds like Phat Luv got off pretty easy. Mrs Dims was in labour for about 12 hours! A natural birth and only used the laughing gas, she was a real trooper. It was funny during the transition stage of labour as after my re-assurances of "it will be right" and "it will be over soon" my wife turned to me and told me to shut the Hell up! Fair enough really! Being a dad is a lot of work but is fantastic fun and very satisfiying. It's amazing
  7. Add another to the SJ baby list Liam Patrick was born on the 15th june. He is a cute little fellah and,just like his dad, loves the boob! Here is a pic of the little guy And yes that hair is all natural. No product!
  8. A pretty good summary Bobby12. Not sure about natural happiness never being the same again, in my experience the two are rather seperate things and natural happiness is more deep set, grounded and longer lasting (and no come down the next day). I have had some great times on it, and don't regret taking them at all. That said, they are not for everyone, as if you have some underlying mental issues, especially depression or bipolar tendencies I would be staying well clear. Finding a good pill instead of a bad pill can be an issue as well, just buy off peole you know well or have tried
  9. Nah, just a few quiet nights at home there I think! God I'd hate to be his brain. His seratonin levels must be at an all time low, a permanent tuesday comedown.
  10. I remember helping to brush out a mates dreadlocks he had for about 2 years. It took a few bottles of conditioner and a lot of pain but we got the bastards out. Ended up with a huge pile of hair on the floor. The shit that came out of them as well, twigs, bits of seaweed (we did a lot of surfing at the time), it was like a bird's nest in there. He had the fuzziest head of head for a while a well. Looked bloody funny!
  11. Thunderpants you must be a fan of The Onion online newspaper then? Some very funny shit on there. If you haven;t already, then check out; The Onion
  12. Chimpanze that! MONKEY NEWS!!!!! I found the podcasts to be pretty funny but they started to get a bit old hat by the end. I wouldn't be paying for them though. Is Karl's book going to be perfectly spherical like his head?
  13. Quote: Originally posted by Weegeoff: Do you think they would use a Kleenex to blow there nose. I think it would be cheaper. Can you imagien it the other way round and some girl getting a pair of old Y fronts Hmmmm would they pay more or less for added skidmarks
  14. http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/8/5590/2.html
  15. Ooooops sorry, an oversight on my behalf. I also forgot the "comeback under a different name" option, or the "lurk like buggery to still see what's going on" option.
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