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  1. Very nice work. I would never have known those two places in Iiyama (Shinanodaira and Iiyama Kokusai) existed. Very interesting. Have loads still to read, but keep them coming!
  2. They said generally people will be denied entry, apart from special humanitarian exceptions. Those were clarified on Friday: http://www.moj.go.jp/content/001321982.pdf So basically it seems the 14 day quarantine thing only applies to people with a Japanese passport. Unless I'm wrong, of course. I'm not too good at understanding longwinded legal sounding documents.
  3. Right now, unless I am mistaken, if I leave Japan and try to come back... I won't be let back in - even with my permanent residence visa. That does not seem right. I'm sure they'll be happy to keep on taking my taxes while I am refused entry. I really hope that changes sharpish, and then things open up again in the coming months.
  4. I have also used on large skis with Yamato no problem.
  5. LiquidX

    Kagura early season

    I like to try and get my first ski in before Christmas. No rush, wait for decent snow.
  6. ...but the South Area of Gala Yuzawa!
  7. LiquidX

    Good TV

    Agree with that. Still good though.
  8. LiquidX

    Trying to lose weight SUCKS

    Damn, that sounds difficult!


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