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  1. With the comments so far. In a good year and with timing, both those paces together is hard to beat. Hope you can enjoy it.
  2. Hakkaisan is a good place and it does attract many good skier. I also recommend the Hakkai-san sake.
  3. I think also Ishiuchi and Happo are big popular resort and will be busy on holiday.
  4. Shiga Kogen is not big on parks anyway. I would say Ichinose is a good place to be. Yakebitaiyama might be your favorite area.
  5. Recently on the news there have been some piece about "foreigner crime" and just now I saw on about the current economic crisis meaning that there will be a big increase in crime by foreigners who have lost their job. That was on NHK. I heard the same opinion from a colleague at work. I think that while there may well be an increase, there will surely also be in crimes committed by Japanese people in the same conditions. It is surely dangerous for people to be fed these thoughts and think like that, don't you think? I hope my English improve, did you get meaning?
  6. How many times do they need to say "America is the best country in the world, Americans are the most innovative and best workers in the world, America is the biggest force for good in the world"? It's as if they are trying to convince themselves.
  7. If you are trying to avoid Niseko, why do you want to stay close-by in Kutchan?
  8. My favorite month is November, many family event in that month as well as comfortable weather and also fun winter for looking forward.
  9. Recent Pocari Sweat poster has catchphrase "Enjoy your sweat".
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