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  1. never heard of it, but if it makes you look anything like that nob shiner i would be apprehensive.
  2. arty funky muziq-y??? probably not the right country. But, I lived in niigata city for about 2 years and loved it. but that was more outdoorzy - snowy - beachy if you catch my drifty. plenty of work around and under an hour to some fields. a couple of nite clubs and jazz bars. 2 universities i think. bombfires and beer in summer, blizzards and boarding in winter. enjoy your stay!
  3. I went to switzerland for a couple of weeks over the break. Some differences i noticed were: swiss is much bigger, more people, more ques, more extensive infrastructure, more people going off piste, more rocks!! (i dont think ive ever really struck rock in japan!) luckily i got 1 good dump before i came back. but the snow seemed a lot heavier than ive had in japan. what do you think?
  4. yeah i find at work or kind of formal, or slightly formal situations it goes down like a lead ballon and often end up looking like a wierdo. But with my japanese mates who i hang out with, its duely appreciated.
  5. however, im having a little trouble geting the wee blighters to stay on there Farquah
  6. i basically scraped the top corner clean off, so cant be stitched. i went to the doctor last week. she said (from what i could gather) that i should keep it bandaged with cream. paw paw and aloe vera sound good, but not sure ill find them here. what do you think about the salt?
  7. i recently came a cropper on my bicycle and was wearing jandals. subsequently i got quite a deep wound on my big toe. im travelling through central amrica very soon and for obvious reasons, dont want an open wound on my toe. ive been filling it with salt, which hurts like a waxed scrotum, but i think it will speed up the healing process. or will it? Does anyone have any remedies for healing wounds fast?
  8. ive done a few trips through those areas. started on the larium and stopped after a few weeks for reasons already discussed - felt shit, strange dreams, crazy stomache. Im travelling through central america and the amazon (!!) for 3 months starting next week and im not gonna take any medicine. just use heaps of DEET (which ive heard has some bad side effects if you use too much) and long sleeves in the dodgy areas. I like this G&T theory. ill be sure to take a daily dose. And as Sanno said, the larium can supress the illness after you get it so i might buy some of that just in case
  9. thats amusing, i could watch that all day. shame u cant get it as a screen saver.
  10. Surely if your husband has first hand experience of both states and prefers the 'top down' so to speak - you would go that way. wouldnt you? definitely best done at birth i reckon - guess tarzan would know best about that too. During school i never experienced any ridiculing of either style. just the odd witty jibe
  11. Wee Tarzan Junior might want to be just like daddy Tarzan. Could that be a problem??
  12. " it will in fact turn into a dairy farm." cows are worth a whole lot of money in africa - im sure they'd be over the moon if their member turned into a dairy farm!
  13. Not to many catholic boys out there it seems. Id say chop it, mostly just cause i dont have one of the filthy things and no-one likes a cheesey nob (no offence cheeseman). I have no trace left of where mine used to be, maybe a skilled surgeon. do it when he's young and wont remember it, i couldnt imagine doing it later in life. Sure he'll scream a bit, but no pain no gain (or loss in this situation).
  14. I saw 'Ice Age 2' lastnight. Im a big fan of animation movies and enjoyed it. I think Ice Age 1 was better though.
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