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  1. Fully translated: As for the 3rd sector corporation Yawata flat sight-seeing (Yawata flat city green moth hill, capital 297900000 Yen, prefectural north automobile President Satoshi president three boat Hiroshi) where the prefecture and Yawata flat city invest, on the 18th, it understood that withdrawal is examined from business of the Yawata flat ski site which the same company manages. Skiing customer decrease with the big primary factor, as for management of Yawata flat ロッヂ (old Yawata flat sight-seeing hotel) which becomes another pillar of the same company is direction of withdrawal.
  2. I want to see that one. The Simpsons. Final verdict? Heard so many mixed things.
  3. That man is scary. I have the Garbage best of CD. Lots of good songs on that.
  4. That book is really long. It could have done with being 1/3 shorter. Good story though.
  5. I remember the 47 thread from a while back. What is it with that resort and strictness? Any particular reason?
  6. How many times have you done the cleaning so far dude? Glad to hear it is getting better.
  7. I'm going over the Europe (first stop England) next week for a month or so and just wondering how strict BA are being with hand baggage of late. On their site they say: one standard-sized bag - maximum size of the bag, 56x45x25cm (22x18x10in) So if I want to take some things with my laptop, then I'll basically have to put the laptop case and the other things in one bigger bag, and take that? A friend said they were moaning about the bag they used which was not full and fit within the size restriction when squashed, but when stretched out to its full size it was a problem. One
  8. Thanks folks. Yes that seems to be about it. I'll just give it 2 hours and enjoy the exercise. Hoping it isn't raining.
  9. I'm considering walking to a party tonight... about 10km away. Trying to work out how long it would take to walk but my brain is not assisting. How long you reckon for a big guy walking fairly fast?
  10. Nah, doesn't appeal to me that kind of thing. I'm just in it for the fluffy snowy part. Other things to do in the off-season..
  11. Fire seen from my window - scary. Is it under control now.
  12. Never heard of them. Cho-yummy things? Baked beans!
  13. Great song, great band. They got better after that album as well. Love Talk Talk, The Colour Of Spring is a classic album.
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