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  1. Quote: Originally posted by @tokyo: Whats with the mix of English and Japanese dude? My total is an unimpressive 7. sorry 'bout that - those are the names of the resorts, and well, i was also practicing to read "ski resort kanjis"... ill post the english-only quickly...
  2. actually, mine uses mniniDV format... good enough... and you can get 'corders for this for around 30,000/40,000 -(at)Aximx50vw/Fitaly3.5
  3. hi YellowSnow... im glad for you that a hundred dollars is not much in your book - but sadly so, we dont share the same values... (btw, where did you get the idea that as long as youre a gaijin, its easy money in japan??) on the other hand, i tried Group Lessons, but with the number of students per group, youll never get the fine-eyed supervision youd need to correct some bad habits. Group Lessons are fine when you have the luxury to participate everyday to have it really make a difference. -(at)Aximx50vw/Fitaly3.5
  4. Quote: Originally posted by dyna8800: WantToSki, what is your skill level? i started skiing from last season (jan/feb 2006), and now have an SAJ Grade 2 (Ni-Kyu) cert (considered 'advanced' by Japanese ski schools). why do you ask? -(at)Aximx50vw/Fitaly3.5
  5. just remember that if you have an builtin-HDD, the device would be prone to shocks/vibrations/etc. a small jolt can much ruin the device - HDDs are very sensitive... if you plan on using it for snowsessions, i suggest going through solid-state media, ie., memory cards, built-in DVD writers, digital tapes, etc.
  6. Quote: Originally posted by SirJibAlot: proabably close to 1 million yen, but who's counting! where have you been going? what have you been doing?
  7. Quote: Originally posted by Tesselator: OK, WantToSki, But you have 11 messages in this thread kind of whining about something that at least seems very trivial to me. At an estimated avr. of 10min. per message (read/write) that's like 2 hours. I can study a lot of technique in 2 hours. maybe the first couple of days i was whinning - US$100 doesnt come easy this days, especially when half of it was spent on just riding lifts... on the other hand... wow...!!! you did took the time to calculate that? i thought it was trivial (which i dont think so since we have 2 pages of posts alr
  8. Quote: Originally posted by Tesselator: Quote: Originally posted by WantToSki: Daver is right... Based on experience here in Japan, the more you make a fuss about stuff, the less you'd achieve... I don't agree with that at all. If for example you want reconciliation of some kind (money or services) and IF they didn't want to give it to you - making a scene - is the fastest way to get your way (in Japan). It's also gaudy and rude. That said why is it that I am always the odd man out with these opinions? I would have just told the boss that same day (maybe - prolly not) and cha
  9. uh oh... there goes my last day of skiing... nohhhhhh!?!?!....
  10. Quote: Originally posted by YellowSnow: To clarify: I was not complaining about skiers as a whole, it was about the actions of certain groups of skiers. Actually the particular action I have only observed Japanese skiers only do it. It is not the formation of large shaped moguls in powder it is mini iced up runs that groups of about ten people making(I should take a picture) when I was a skiers I didn't like tracks. It just seems that the Japaneses that make them are only interested in perfecting their twists and not actually having fun( though practicing to perfection seems to be fun fo
  11. Quote: Hi WantToSki, I'm sorry about the delay in seeing and responding to this. Have you heard anything more on this at all? I might be going to Nozawa next week and if I met Katagiri-san I might be able to mention it. Are you planning on going again this season? hi SnowJapan.Com#1... just curious - were you able to have a chat with Katagiri-san...??
  12. Quote: Originally posted by grungy-gonads: Is there a naked ski custom anywhere in the world I wonder? Or at least swimwear? is there? is there?
  13. any forecast on what the conditions would be a week from now?
  14. here is mine for this season... still want to try for more (i lasted until GW during the last season)...
  15. im still looking at one for trip (if possible)... did some skiing with friends during the 24th and the 25th, and it was just bad...!!! rain, bad snow conditions, etc...!!! i just wouldnt want to end the season this way...
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