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  1. Does Guam count? As much as I want to see other parts of America, I don't want to be finger printer/DNA taken. Also my future travel plans would interfere with me ever going to America (again... Guam) You may not like my generalization, but American media is doing nothing to change my impression.
  2. Spook if you told me to "calm down" or "you have a bee in your bonnet" in real life I would tell you to 'suck my left nut' it has nothing to do with "Stirring shit on the Internet" The violence the is pervasive in American society is due to the nature of Americans themselves. Even the the media human life means nothing, they want people dead for the slightest of crimes. Also you have the showboating for how sad that they are for "the families" "the children". I put more value to human life than sending the families my "vibes". Yeah, I am the prick here.
  3. How am I stirring shit with you? You are the one who initially addressed me.
  4. samurai Oklahoma City bombing wasn't at at school. So those people families don't get as much condolences.
  5. Yes ger if you search soy and estrogen on google you are looking at a million hits. only 120,000 for tofu and estrogen. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soybean#Soy_controversy Phytoestrogen in men Because of the phytoestrogen content, some studies indicate that there is a correlation between a soybean-rich diet and a decrease in the level of testosterone in men, although these findings are controversial.[30][31][32] A study carried out at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast linked soy to male infertility, including damage of reproductive capability already caused during
  6. Bushpig, if I knew him or not it still doesn't sound sincere. Condolences, my sympathies, etc., are words that convey sincerity.
  7. Bushpig I know what you are getting at. But saying ++++vibes++++ doesn't even sound remotely sincere. I am just insensitive to everybody clambering post the condolences to sensational news, as opposed to opposing why this shit happens in the first place.
  8. You are ****ing weak willed. If you are going to say something have the balls to say it. Where are all your pleas to the families of the 50,000 of people who get killed in America each year. Or the 600,000 Iraqis.
  9. "like that after an incident of this nature." An incident of this nature happens almost every year in American. Paying lip service to the "families" doesn't ever stop it.
  10. That is sick I hate tofu. It give you cancer and turns you into a woman.
  11. ++++vibes++++ to their familes and friends I am sure that their families and friends are avid readers of snowjapan, to feel your vibes.
  12. Although I dont belive you should modify you actions to stop ignorant people. I found the best thing is to wear sunglasses. Nobody seems to stare at you when you wear then because they cant intimidate you, and you have a certain amount of control.
  13. daver yes what I said is a bit disjointed. There are a lot of preconceived ideas about Japanese salary men being perverts, Japanese men are effeminate, Japanese men are _____, but with any population I would guess you pretty much get an even distribution of "perverts". If a woman is grabbed by the arse in a pub in the UK , she will turn around slap him in the face, laugh with her girlfriends, embarrass the guy enough so he doesn't try it on again. I would bet that if the same woman came to Japan she would have far less chance of being groped in Japan. But when it does happen in Jap
  14. Yes but if you want to prove you did the work so they cant contest it, it is best to get at least one item of something you worked on sent through registered post so you can back up your claims. Being credited actually means more than money because it has career value.
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