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  1. What exactly do you expect, sat up there looking down from your pretentious high-horse?
  2. If only it wasn't mad hot, good time to be out in central Tokyo.
  3. Surely a mail can't be brought back without a trace as it is residing on the other persons server until they download and can't delete something from there. (Right?)
  4. But hey thursday, pub vs supermarket? Hard choice there mate!
  5. Quote: I must admit I found it FOUL (as an ex-smoker) that we had people lighting up at the table next to ours in resturants in the UK. Question to ex-smokers - do you not feel in any way hypocritical about this situation?
  6. I'm out of here on Thursday, only for 2 weeks unfortunately but there you go. Will make the most of it. Back to California some time in Las Vegas.
  7. It looks good, big improvement. I like that there are more places being added as well - getting to be an increasingly wide choice of places now. There are now more listings for Hakuba than Niseko, I see.....
  8. What are they Mr Wiggles (cattle tag type?) It sure will be interesting to see how prices change if they do.
  9. Not with the features of iphone there aren't. Depends on what you want.
  10. on the way to work this morning I passed 6 gas stations - only 2 had the price on view
  11. Looks just fine to me. Open up your browser properly soubs!
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