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  1. I think I'm going less than I want to but that is more to do with time and (less so) cost more than anything. Mounds of new fluffy stuff might be an extra incentive at times though.
  2. Nozawa was good, enjoyed it didn't bother me that the lower slopes were a bit thin. There are some really nice long slopes at that resort. I am going to see what Hakuba is like this weekend.
  3. It seems amongst my colleagues (mostly Japanese) that quite a few people have not been out as much as they would have wanted this season due to the late start and less than great conditions etc. Wondering how many days guys and gals on here might have been this season. As much as you wanted. My first time this weekend maybe in Nozawa.
  4. What exactly are rear entry boots? Don't you enter all boots like that? Confused a bit!
  5. What exactly are rear entry boots? Don't you enter all boots like that? Confused a bit!
  6. Brings back some memories. I'm getting myself further confused with all these cables and words again. Anyone able to help. Which is best if I could use either: Component AV cable or D端子 cable
  7. Anyone on here enjoying the snow in the US that I am hearing about on CNN? So jealous!
  8. I love this section. It is going to be really useful this year. Last year I was a bit lost with all the names and everything but this will really make it much easier to understand where things are. Great addition
  9. They are so cute, I have to go there. BTW, I have seen photos of that place before but this is a really great collection.
  10. Getting air looks like a ton of fun. It's one of the things I really want to be able to do quickly.
  11. Can someone tell me what ski porn is? If it isn't naked human bodies, please show me some good examples.
  12. Quote: £1.2m worth of Swarovski crystals are embedded in the huge disco ball. Quote: The Michael Schmidt belt Madonna wears weighs ten pounds and has 4,000 Swarovski crystals in it. That kind of thing is why it costs so much for the tickets. Sounds stupid to me - I'd put fake ones in and just make a healthier profit! Who's gonna know if they are real or not anyway.
  13. Have a good read norwegian, it's what I did. You can't expect people to write the same over and over again for every newby Try this: http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/6016.html and as rach said some of those links at the top and everything. Come back in 6 months when you've been able to read it all
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