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  1. Just don't go that stupid place, I say.
  2. I am going to California in late August. I am really looking forward.
  3. Its very complex meaning I think, but everything involved in people relations.
  4. We have a local Chinese restaurant, owned by Japanese people, that is excellent. I go there about 3 times a month.
  5. Upwards and onwards! (Is that the correct phraze?)
  6. You can find real friends out there, just be wary of the ones wanting the English tape machine friend.
  7. I agree with mina2-san. I think everybody loves food and so we are just enjoying to talking about it.
  8. The weather is very changeable right now, don't you think. Yesterday was quite cold and windy.
  9. I prefer American cherry to Japanese one. I would love to try traditional American cherry pie. I never tried it.
  10. I use a Japanese virus prgram on my computers. Virus buster
  11. I never tried this dairy milk. It sounds good.
  12. Kimutaku. Not really, I wish. I look more like Atsushi from London Hearts.
  13. I watched it last night, it wasn't so exciting.
  14. Yes it seems a long time ago when I was in Hokkaido enjoying that powder. But in reality just 3 months before now! It changes so quick.
  15. I have finished now and it is feel like summer for me.
  16. Not fun entertainment ,I think. Do you like sumo?
  17. I have debt just on my house, but it is big one.
  18. I think some of my fellow Japanese people is too noisy and I don't like it too. I try to control the noise.
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