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  1. Nerds are a happy bunch though. Especially if the packaging is attractive.
  2. Drink water before sleeping. That does it
  3. 1st one - excellent 2nd and 3rd - average action movies with great effects and dubious scripts
  4. I could never get up consistently earlier than I do, I just don't think that could happen. Night a few hours before sleeping is when I can do exercise.
  5. A group of 4 of us are going up to the Yuzawa area this weekend. Most likely be in the Naeba/Kagura region. Is anyone else going to be up there this weekend? Cheers.
  6. So how was it then? Did Ronaldo do his tricks?
  7. Lets face it, if you're not wanting to shop or eat, why would you go? I hate that kind of place.
  8. I'm not covered, but I do know someone who has an almost exact same character as GARETH!!
  9. I've noticed that. It must be something to do with how it is taught here.... .you like something and it is almost instantly at "favorite" status.
  10. I'm not into popcorn at all. Give me a bag of wine gums!
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