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  1. Quote: It seems that everyone wants to fly off to Hokkaido these days Is that really true though? Seems that places like Hakuba area, Nozawa, and other regions of Honshu are very popular. I really like the resort, been quite a few times this last season and we all really enjoyed it. Thanks for answering those questions.
  2. Hey thanks for that, makes some sense....
  3. Plucky Do you think that terrorists attempting to enter the US would tick "yes, we intend to commit acts of terrorism" on the form?? ---- Look it up?? Look WHAT up?
  4. I saw Miss Saigon which I enjoyed, thats written by the same people as Les Mis
  5. I just saw on the TV something about the forms that people have to fill in if they enter the US. After 9/11, it seems that the following question has been added: - do you intend to commit any acts of terrorism whilst in the US Can you believe that? (And is it actually true)? It was on Fox News.
  6. Something don't have to be original all the time to be brilliant. Almost everything is copied from somewhere.
  7. I have 1 brother, 2 is a good number. I have a friend who has 5 brothers. MAAAAAAAD.
  8. Kelly is ballooning and Goth-ing seemingly out of control. Someone save the girl!
  9. For a laff, when drunk once, my male friend put an ad in Tokyo Classified ---- as a sexy 25 year old Japanese OL wanting a purely sexual relationship with a cute foreign guy. You can imagine the wording. He got something like 50 horny mails a day for about a week. Hilarious!
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